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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Internet Having ISSUES? No way.

So what is going on up in here this weekend?  Pages not loading, sites not redirecting, blogs and social places literally disappearing into thin cyber-air?
Maybe it's the gravity level or the barometric pressure?  Even the weather is confused.  Some of y'all are freezing your pies off with snow, AGAIN?  Yes, again, with snow.
Whereas those of us down South, "Way Down the Texas Waaaa-aaaay" are having 32 degrees in the morning and 72-85 degrees in the afternoon.  Seriously, Mother Nature, can you figure out the plan here???
We all know it is Sunday.  And, on Sunday's the kids and I have decided it is fun to film playtime.  Which is "Bold & The Barbies" for Lil'Gal and "The Land of Legos" for Farmer, Jr.  This may sound silly and simplified to y'all but to the kids (thus, to me) this is becoming an important integral part of their media career.
They value the fact that there are actually peeps who appreciate the art of proper Barbie Play and Lego Building.  But, would blogger upload the 2 minute video of either? No.  Not yet.  Not so far.  I'm once again dealing with the issue of whether I should upload the video to You-Tube and then easily insert the code into my blog.
Buuuuut, You-Tube is cool and all.  Though, open to the masses and more available to the creep-(m)asses too.  So, I prefer the kids videos to be a direct upload from my LT to my blog with decent peep readers.
I'm on my fourth try tonight.  It doesn't make sense that it works so many times and then just errors out.  But, I'm thinking tomorrow will be different.  I truly think the internet is having a monthly meltdown.  Because the issues have been all across the board and I've tripped on the bump in the cyber road three times today myself.  And, I'm not alone.
Anyhow.  Gosh-Geeze.  Boring ramble, huh?  Well, the post would have been a whole lot better if the dang video would upload.  I'm still trying in another window.
Anyhow, enough of my Sunday Cyber Analysis.  Oh, but I didn't want to leave out one more very important thing.  Root & Sprout, the March edition is published and is LIVE and comment interactive!!!! So, click the link I just gave ya' to go check it out! And, please comment to the articles that hit your mind with thoughts!
[Psst.  I have three articles there AND a book review of an awesome parenting book.  It's a big shout out for "Bringing Up GEEKS!" ] Happy Sunday (Night)!



The Queen said...

Twitter is bonked too.... totally messed up...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Always fun to read what is going on with you ... I did post one of my best blogs in awhile tonight on the grocery shopping game -- --, so like that. *AND* I had the day off today -- my first in 3 weeks! Back at it tomorrow though. :-)

Anonymous said...

I keep getting notices that some bloggies have put up a new post... only to find that it is an old one that mysteriously shows up as new. Weird. (Not you, but others)

I worked with G-man to get a slide show up on my blog, but WordPress doesn't support the one I wanted to upload. *sigh*

Hope you had a good party on Saturday with your Sweet D.
Today is a SNOW DAY! And no school for the kids, which is nice because even though we only have about 3 inches of the white stuff, it is 20 degrees out there with a wind chill of 8F. BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr....