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Friday, March 6, 2009

In Your Eyes......

Remember this? Wasn't this like the all time best movie that year? TOTALLY.... I made you want to watch it again, huh? You can say it. TOTALLY. John Cusack was adorable in this role. He's adorable anyhow in that edgy, twitchy, kind of way. So, now, you know you have to listen to this.... TOTALLY! I'll be back later to review one of my favorite products that everyone should keep in their purse or glove box. :-) And, I might even attach a little GiveAway to it! YAY! FREE STUFF! Yep, It's FWFD!!!! Gary is the one who brought this on. With the his Cure video and all. :-)


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

My wife was friends with the Cusacks back in the 1980s. The first time she met John, who was already big then, she asked him his name, and he said so, she asked what he did, and he told her movie acting, and she asked if he had done anything she might have heard of (he had already done at least 6 biggies by then)!!! He was very nice, but she was likely the only person in the US who hadn't yet heard of him!

Anonymous said...

This is funny because just last Friday night, I watched "Say Anything" and was shocked to learn that my dh had never seen it!

Gary, I can't believe that Maude didn't know about John Cusack! He is just so adorable in this film, like a wonderful dog that you feel like adopting.

FW, I slept away most of your favorite day. I'm trying to not be sick. (cough, cough)