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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Write to WIN! Sweeeeeet! Literally!

Yep!  Here's a simple contest where your WRITE to WIN sweet treats!  It's really simple.  IN fact, you don't even have to write something new.  You can submit the URL for a particular post you've written in the past!
So, why not go win these delectable chocolates!  The details are simple.  I'm going to tackle an article today due this month for Root & Sprout and then I think I'll play along to win these too!
[Don't forget Root & Sprout is debuting it's new venue and you can comment to the article there.  There are also GiveAways!  Wanna' read me and comment?  Visit!  Visit!  Visit!]
Did that get your attention?  Well, click the title to this link to find out how and where to enter!
Happy Sweet Tuesday!  It's national Happy Day, did you know that?
Celebrate it the FW's way!


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