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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'M BACK!!! Whoooo-hooo! What FUN did we have! It was awesome. I learned a few things about myself though. Like, how attached I really have been to Macxine all this time. Especially, these last few months -- working from her and all and really working hard with Lis and Root & Sprout. Bex and the kids came down and it was fabulous (that word seemed to stick in my vocabulary all week.) Anyhow, I'll be back with pictures but I'm off to a birthday party. I have more details to share too! Tech Guy (TG/ Bex's hubby) got the Hubster's LT to work without Macxine kicking him off and also set up my fancy, snazy printer that followed me home to finally work wirelessly. So, I don't have to run back and forth with Macxine for coupon printing, etc. AAAHHHHHHH, the luxuries, huh? OH, and the WINNER ISSSS?? I haven't forgotten! I so apologize! I might have to offer TWO GiveAways for this next week to make up for it. But, we have 20 entries all together. So, I will do the drawing with the kids and officially announce the winner here a little later! AGAIN, I apologize for the delay. And, I WILL make it up to all of you! OOH! OOH! And, thanks to my new Followers! Yes, I do see you up there! It's sometimes hard to back track you to your place since Blogger changed up the follower thingie but I'll find a way! I'll be back! Thanks for making my DAY!!!! I'll have PICS and Great GIVEAWAYS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good spring break! Ours is still a few weeks away - the school district here always uses Holy Week for spring break. (Bad news: if you are involved in Easter music presentation, you can't really go away. Good news, we ALWAYS know in advance when we will be having spring break.)

Betty said...

Ok this was such a great Idea! I love it! I love it. Cute Bunny pencils.

Betty said...

I went over to both of Gary's sites. He is so talented. I love his work. Those are some really pretty blue vases on his blog.