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Thursday, March 26, 2009

If ever there was a morning.....

Oh, my.  If ever there was a morning.  If ever there was a morning I could lie back down and sleep for another hour -- this would be it.
Coffee has been drunk, breakfast made, eaten and cleaned, kids dressed for school and almost time to leave.
Last night, Farmer, Jr. made me "pinkie-swear" I'd go back and lie down with him for awhile.  Reminding me that, "You can't break a pinkie-swear."  My Daddy taught the kids that.  And, now, if we pinkie-swear it's for keeps.
So, I did.  I went in there and fell asleep.  I woke at 2:am to return to my own bed and make the typical rounds around the castle.  Upon approaching my room, I could hear the snore factor at full alert.  So, I went back to where I began and idled to fall back asleep.
I dozed, I dreamt a little -- a little weirdness within my dozing, I tossed and turned and hoped in my mind for a few hours more.  I peeked at the backlight of my watch.  I dozed...I peeked again.  Until, I figured, "Why lie here for ten more minutes knowing I'll be just as sleepily dragging either way."
Up and AT'EM!  Off to my day!  Much to do so I'm on my way!
(Lordie please drain the groggy from my veins.)
Thank goodness tomorrow is FWFD!!!!!  Whoop!  Whoop Hurray!
Still.....if ever there were a morning.......



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

wooooh000000! Hang in there FW, almost Friday....

The Queen said...

Hi snuck a peek and a quick hello.. I so want to keep track of that Pixxa Spaghetti casserole thing.. so don't let it get dumped..

I want it when I have more time..

Thanks for all the kinds words this week and last...


The Queen

Anonymous said...

I was sorta like this yesterday. I had pulled an almost-all-nighter with the newsletter. Slept from 4am-5am, then drank a pot of coffee.
BUT, the newsletter needed very little editing when I was done (YEA!!!) and I was the idiot who didn't start in on it earlier.