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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random, about me x 6

Random.  About me?  I was tagged by a  new blog I came across...  He's an Australian Knight!  Impressive, right?  Ahh, he's just a sweet Knight earning his Armor in life.
Hmmm, something tickles my memory that I was tagged previously but extremely busy and I think I forgot to play.....Oh, my.  My Bad.  If you tagged me, and I blog-flaked?  Please, pleeease remind me....I don't like feeling flaky...  *sigh*
This Meme I'm tagged with for is "Six Random Things."  By random things, I mean random about me.  It was kinda' hard to come up with "random" about "Me" because my long time readers know me so well -- and my newbie readers probably know the random quirks about me -- probably what brought y'all here! LOL!
Random about ME, X SIX:
I really do enjoy cleaning my house.  I like things clean and orderly.  Having children was a big adjustment because I realized that they don't "follow the line," "tow the rope," or stick to my "black and white" rules.  They see gray.  They see color.  The kids are therapy....but, I still really, really enjoy cleaning things into sparkling beauty.  What can I say?  I like shiny and sanitized!
I love vegetables; every vegetable I've ever crossed with the exception of Eggplant.  Okra I tolerate but I prefer it pickled because it tends to not be snot-slimy inside -- and Okra offers a ton of calcium. raunchy.  Sorry EggPlant lovers, it's a me thing.
(Peeps who know me, know that typically if there are cooked veggies leftover in the house -- they will have been devoured by morning as my late/middle-of-the-night snack.)  Tis true.
I love clear liquors.  I used to enjoy Crown Royal and other whiskeys but I've matured and now I only like it clear.  Clear is also "clean" and it mixes well with.... well, with anything. :-D  Rum, vodka....not big on gin, really.  Unless it's the only thing you've got.  Then, I'll probably cave.  And, absolutely -- by all means -- NO tequila.  It generally makes me happy but then I get fight-angry or pregnant.  DH said no more pregnant; so no tequila for me....
I love to fold things, laundry tops the high bar.  Although I complain about the never ending laundry, I really do find folding clothes medicinally soothing.  I'll fold paper up neat and pretty.  I'll fold a map back into it's original perfection...and, be proud that I did it. :-)  But, my all time favorite thing to fold is towels.  Cup towels, hand towels, biiiiggg, sooooooft, beautiful towels.  It soothes me.
If I get ticked off?  I clean.  Seriously clean.  [Sometimes I drink a little too.]  Something about the combination of the chemicals seems to calm me down.   You want your house cleaned?  Leave cleaning products and supplies out where I can see them and then have someone really tick me off.  I guarantee -- you won't be disappointed.  [Better results if you leave cold beer too.]
I can fit in with anyone.  DH loved this about me when we first met, because he never worried about where he was going with me in tow.  He knew, I'd be fine and make my own way.  I know, I know -- right now you are thinking, "NO, Friggin' Way!  Farmer*sWife?  You are a freak!  You drive yourself, your friends, and us nuts!"  *sigh*  Just go with my fantasy.  LOL! Nah, really!  I've grown lazy of this ability because I didn't say, "I liked everyone."  I just said I know how to get along. 
You could drop me at a heavy metal rock concert and I could make friends.  I've just always been good at seeing someone else's perspective.  I might not agreeeeee with it and might find it totally in the "gray" area and thus, not within my black and white standards.  But, I can see life from their viewpoint.  
It's like I always say, "If you want to paint your house tie-died and your vehicle purple, I may not like it.  But, it's your business and if it makes you happy then who cares what FW thinks."  RIGHT?  Does that make me open minded?  Even though, I'm a close minded OCD personality?  LOL
And, lastly,
SIX (B):  [See how I hurdled that rule?  *snicker*] I don't fly.  I've flown since I was five years old.  I flew alone -- sent off by my Mama and picked up directly by My Daddy -- but, NO MORE.  I know.  Close minded.  It wasn't 9/11 that did it.  It was the pieces of planes falling off mid-flight, the ice, the fog, the geese! (That's a new one, but "really?"  Geese belong there.  We don't.)
So, I've grown quite the close minded since I've had babies.  These are my policies:
"God didn't give me wings and he didn't give me gills -- thus, I'm a land lover." (Meaning, I don't do cruises either.)
"If it takes a passport to get there?  It's just too darned far."  I'm afraid that if I venture outside of my USA, the bombs might hit and the Country goes into lock down -- and, I can't get back in!!!  No bueno and No thank you.  Though, if things improved I (and hubby too) have always wanted to go to Australia.  
"If I'm not drivin', I'm not ridin'."  With exception to my Hubby.  I drive. That way, I always know I'm in control and can leave when I feel appropriate.  This is a control issue that goes back to my childhood though.  So, it's obsessive, but it's well founded.
Whew!  That random enough?  
Happy Sunday, Y'all!  Whoop, tomorrow we start all over again.  And, I am lucky enough to have my article assignments already lined out and approved so I can "go to work!"  



Jay said...

Clearly you and I cannot go on vacation together. Unless we take separate vehicles or I fly there and meet you there. haha ;-)

Oh and, don't worry, I bring my own tequila. And I don't like to share, so that part will work out just fine.

Betty said...

I like to clean too, I hate when people touch my walls. And I clean when I'm upset too. I love my veggies too.

I don't fly either. It freaks me out.

Fiona said...

I don't enjoy flying much. I go through phases where I like to clean but I hate laundry!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh there *is* a reason why we connected -- I was nodding the entire post:

* Love to clean -- I think it's "no brain" time

* Hate to fly -- wonder why I only take cruises on the west coast? Takes a BIG Xanax for me to get on.

* Doing laundry bugs me, but folding I love. Love seeing towels all folded in thirds.

* Clean when I am stressed - Give me bad news and I am Hazel on crack.

This was *truly* eye opening, and made me realize why we get each other.



The Queen said...

I so clean when I'm mad...and yes.. I have been getting my house in are a very bad influence on the Queen.. I'm just saying..

anyway.. woke up at 2:30 this morning.. can't get back to sleep..trying to catch up on my bloggies..

Things are well here so far this AM.. he feels good, looks good.. sounds good..

kcinnova said...

I clean when my husband gets mad that the house is a mess and then threatens to take care of my mess (not his mess, not the kids' mess, MY piles of stuff!)...then I go into a rampage cleaning frenzy. But other than that? I like clean, but it's so useless when no one else gives a flip... So I'll be sure to have cleaning supplies and cold beer available for you. (I'm not fond of making YOU mad, but boy, it would be an efficient way to have a clean house, lol!!!)

I hate flying but I do it. And I'm sort of the opposite on the liquors: I used to be a vodka gal, but now it's tequila and whiskey.
However, like you, I prefer to do the driving most of the time. Luckily the friend I carpool with each week hates to drive, so we get along just fine.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I hate hate hate to fly!!!! I am with you!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

how do you get along with people who live in purple houses ? ;)

I didn't know tequila could do that!

Farmer*swife said...

Boy, Y'ALL! This meme brought great responses! See? I'm not so freakish. Just add us all up together and we are normal ;-)

Gary, LOL! I use the term "paint it purple" all the time. And, when I was posting here I thought, "Gary and Maude live in a cute purple house!"

It has nothing to do with purple -- it's my figure of speech for "what you do with your stuff is your business and people should appreciate it as that."

And, that's why I think my friends (and bloggies) put up with me and *heart* me. Because y'all all accept me for "who" and "how" I am! :-)

Bloggies ROCK!