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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break WITHDRAWALS....sigh....

Whoa is me.  Poor Lil' Farmer*sWife.  I just had too much fun over Spring Break with the kids and our friends.  Now, it is back to the grind-stone.  And, I'm a little out of shape.  Sleep-wise and mentally to boot!
I have hardly caught up on blog reads and the castle needs post visit polishing (says the Hubster). I haven't turned in my last -- GASP -- three, articles that are due for Root & Sprout by Friday!  
To add to it?  The internet went from slooooooow to naaaaada until it started pepping back up last night.  *Sigh*  *Super-Sigh*  So, now I'm waaaayer behind -- if that is possible.  [Is Waaaayer a word?  Well, it is in my dictionary and at my blog! ;-)]
Anyhow, guess what came in the mail? Yep, that batch of little bunny pencils up there! They were made by Gary E. Rith (thanks Gary for the little stow away) who has his Etsy shop here. Gary loves to make all types of critters and put them on tea pots, mugs (sometimes in mugs), bowls, etc. And, you can submit a conversation to him, or just comment to him at his blog, if you are thinking about something more personalized.
Anyhow, in honor of spring, I ordered a few extra bunny pencils (they are for the youngins and the niece and nephews for Easter) because I wanted to share with my Blog Readers and Pals.
So, if you want to win a bunny pencil just pop a comment to me!  If you visit Gary at his blog or his Etsy shop come back and tell me that you did so and/or what you found over there and you get an extra entry!  ;-)  I'm just so generous!!!
I guess pencils don't really count for a product to review.  But, those who know me well know that I love super sharp pencils.  I always have a minimum of three to five lethally sharpened pencils at my side.  And, one or two in my purse, one in my SUV, and a couple in my LT case -- along with a note pad or two!  And, since pencils don't go well without a note pad -- I'll throw a nifty one of those in as well!!!
This drawing will close out this Friday, March 27th, at Midnight.  I'll then do the random drawing over the weekend and announce the winner here at my place!  If I can link back to you or have your email I'll let you know at your place too.  So, be sure to include an email or your URL so I can backtrack you!
This GiveAway is all about pencils and paper!

 (Darn, I just realized I probably should have ordered that cute yellow bunny mug too.  Hmpft!  
[Get back to work, FW!]



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


I really missed your goofy posts last week. Bloggyland seemed a little quiet without you!!!!
Thanks so much for the wee little plug and I am glad your package arrived OK. That was pretty quick (I don't trust the PO too much).
ps--the yellow cup sold, I'll make more!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

OMG! I am heading over there right now! I am a bunny collector (weird, I know). I will have to order some of these....(if I win some too, that will be even sweeter).
Maybe he has the cups again too!
I'm so glad you found me~

roy/elisabeth dean said...

OH NO! I couln't find the bunny pencils on his site! I did find an adorable set of coffee cups/saucers that I might have to order!

Anonymous said...

I thought for SURE you had ordered the mug to go with the pencils! Esp. since it is so cheerfully yellow!

I *heart* my bunny bowl that I bought last year. [happy sigh]

And after being sick for the past 2 weeks, I am finally filling up with enough energy to deep-clean for spring. I've been scouring floors today, but there is so much more to do. [tired sigh]

Farmer*swife said...

kcI know. Can you believe it? I thought to myself about ordering it and then I decided to "save" the money. And, now it is sold.

He says he's making another one though ;-)

Lis Garrett said...

I do love Gary's things! Those bunny pencils are seriously cute. Don't count this as an entry, though - it would be a shame for me to win. I mean, how silly would it be for bunny pencils to travel from Ithaca to Texas back to Ithaca again?! LOL!

Farmer*swife said...

Lis You are so funny! I thought, "Of course Lis' comment counts" and then I realized the Ithica to Texas and back! LOL!

I think if you win? I can probably work something "shipping free" out! :-)

Anonymous said...

Those pencil toppers are just too cute! I love pencils and bunnies so it's a great combo!

Betty said...

Ok this was such a great Idea! I love it! I love it. Cute Bunny pencils.

Betty said...

I went over to both of Gary's sites. He is so talented. I love his work. Those are some really pretty blue vases on his blog.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Gary is not only talented, but a dang good guy, too.

Best of luck with the deadlines. I know that feeling.

(BTW, great savings and learning post tonight for grocery stores.)

Day 8 of this S^&ty cold that KCinnova sent my way. Will it ever end?! (Thank God I stocked up on Kleenex 3 months ago when they were 67 cents a box witha coupon)

Yours in post-nasal drip,


Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm in love with your bunny pencils! How adorable. I saw them on Gary's blog last week. Cute!!!!

I'd have bought that bunny mug if I had any room in the cabinet. But it's already full of Gary's creations!

Tink said...

Aw. Those bunnies are adorable!

Kelly Dawn said...

I wanna a bunny pencil! me me me ! Please pick me! :) I need at least 4 :) so i may have to just go buy some...but I lvoe to get things in the mail so PICK ME :) and the bonus? you already have my address! :)


The Queen said...

Cute idea Fw... just a quick stop in from your tweet.. sounds like you have been take a minute and forget about picking Kelly..

Pick me!!!