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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Goodness!

Tuesday!  YaY!  
Let's count some good things that happened today, shall we?
Well, I went shopping at the grocery store with my coupon binder in tow and two small children and a Teenaged brother.  It worked out quite well as The Teenager kept the children within a five foot radius of the basket and I was able to concentrate on my shopping:
comparing products by generic, brand, nutrition, cost and coupon savings.
In the end, I walked out of the store quite Gleefully with -- are you ready for it? -- $56.23 in total coupon savings.  OH YEAH BABY!  And, that doesn't include my other store smart shopping that also calculates itself into real buck value!
Then, I received three packages with great stuff and items for Review products and GiveAways at Root & Sprout and Grow Together!!  Ooooh, I so wish I could tell you about the fabulous stuff but you'll just have to wait..... ;-D
If you haven't already, you'll want to join up and make a little page over at Grow Together because in order to review products for R&S you have to be a Member. ;-)
The Teenager and I had a good visit and Mom came back out and entertained the kids.  Hubby picked up dinner since I was feeling so allergy/sinus crappy -- Thanks Hubby!
AND, Bex and the kids will be here tomorrow afternoon!  Whoo-!  I gotta' spit shine the castle before they get here and prepare the chicken and Homemade Scalloped Potatoes (recipe provided by ProHomeMaker!)
Last for the day, here is a fabulous sunset.  We can watch this one together!!
I'll make some time later to do the drawing for the winner of last weeks GiveAway!!!  



Anonymous said...

I think it might work better if Maczine wasn't trying to light up the porch column, too.

Sometimes I save money by not going shopping in the first place! Like today.

Krishna said...

nice! did ya get some rain?

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh I didn't realize it was just $56 in coupons -- that is incredible!

Hope the potatoes turn out well -- I made 'em last night to go with ham. This time i added a splash of evaporated milk, too, and they came out even creamier.

I might even have some as breakfast/lunch (just have had no appetite with this cold/flu)

Hope the visit goes well.

Krishna said...

I can't believe you saved that much. did you buy only things your normally buy or stock up or stuff that you had a coupon for but not =normally buy? where did you shop? I love HEB brand stuff but strongly dislike walmart house brand.

kcinnova said...

Hey, Gal
I just ran across this site, check it out!

captain corky said...

56 dollars and change is some pretty sweet savings! I may ask you do some shopping for me in the very near future. ;)

tt said...

you make me smile!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

That's funny, it feels like I am drinking a glass of wine, watching the sunset and sitting on a porch in south Texas! Next time, if you don't mind, could I have a beer? ;0

Krishna said...

where the heck are you. Its friday and no blog since wendesday!!!