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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Joke and the revelation!

Howdy Peeps!  Business first, no wait.  Business last!  What happened to sweet, funny, happy Glass!  Have I gone all Mommy-ville in this blog?  To drive my Non-Mommy friend readers away!?  It just isn't right, what is up in here.
I'm doing well, but no longer so funny I fear!
So, I'm thinking I'll save you from "savings" tonight!
['kay, that's a lie, it wouldn't be right.  The links will be listed below my self Roast, right before the end of this post.]
A good Joke to Me!
This comes from a new blog I came across, well he actually discovered me! [Aw, I'm blushin'] He's a funny Tweep from Down'under!  And, he reminds me endearingly of our long lost  MadMan.  Only a few years younger.  ...Unlesss, Madman re-invented himself?  :-D
Anyhow, he shares, 'Hey Glass_Half_Full, ever heard the joke?"
Me:  "What joke?"
Him:  " The Pessimist says the Glass is Half Empty; The Optimist says the Glass is Half Full...."
Yeah, me too!  I was like, "And?????"
Him:  "The engineer say the Glass is Twice as Big as it Needs to Be." 
You know you Giggled!  I mean, that's perfect logic!  The Glass can't be half full or half empty if the glass is sized to the volume it holds.  Do you know what this means???  
Everyone's Glass would be FULL!  Incredginous!  (Doesn't that mean Incredible and Genius?  Well, in my dictionary it does!  Remember, I make up my own words as they fit).
There's more to tell and so much Great fun for this Spring Break.  But, I've got lots to do, tuck in, tend to and a book review to write tomorrow -- before all the good new and fun comes to visit the Farmer*sWife's Castle!!!
The savings tips:
If you don't get the CVS or Walgreen's flyers you can check them at the website online.  And, print their coupons there as well!  Yes, they combined.  AWESOME!
All time favorite, even the Hubster has started using it on his course, calloused hands:  
Jergen's lotion.
Second one I found on my own to combine with my 'clipping' is for the new flavor of cereal:  
Banana Nut Cheerios!!  I tried to catch these babies with coupons at the local Wally store but they hadn't stocked it on the shelves yet!  Now, I'm going in armed with double savings in two coupons!  
Tomorrow is a sleep in and then get ready day!  With a whole lot of peeps on their way!  To visit with me for a short stay!  The Teenager will come and visit for an overnight stay.
And, WHOOP!  Bex is bringing the kids, and a few days later TG will fly in!  And we will all end out spring break with a bang.  
First family, then friendship - Ain't that JUST the way!
Happy Sunday/Monday!  Farmer*sWife's way!  (remember that joke, cuz' life is full).



The Queen said...

OK first of all, you won't let me have a poptart, but you WILL let me have that pie below? WTF?

and two... oh crap.. I'm still stuck on that first question.. what's the deal.. my poptart has less junk in it than that pie.. do you see how good that pie looks..

I can get by with one poptart... but um.. I would have to have more than one piece of that pie... well wait.. I would just take the whole pie and call it one.. ok I'm good..

have a great week kiddo..

Dez said...

FW: Well, I was hoping I could spend at least one day with you before I left, but there is no time! I hope you and Bex & the boys have a fun visit. "Smooches"
Hasta La Vista............

Anonymous said...

My head is spinning this morning, but at least I'm no longer (i.e., not currently) coughing as violently as I was yesterday.
Have fun on Spring Break! (ours is still weeks away...)

Anonymous said...

man, what DID happen to REH?? I really miss that guy . . . :(


PS No questions for The Artist on my latest post??

Jay said...

I actually cut a few coupons out of this week's Walgreens insert in the Sunday paper. Coupons for Kleenex and Charmin.

In fact, I looked through ALL of the inserts for coupons. This is all your fault, ya know. hahaha ;-)

Anonymous said...

PS The pic at the top of your page is soooooo cute! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Have I told you yet that I love your new blog header?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HA! twice the size it should be, hadn't heard that...

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks for the compliment on the new header! I kinda *heart* it myself!

Jay!! YAY for you!!!!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yeah, Jay is a convert! Now combine them with the manufacturer coupons and you got some deals!