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Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Monday; Oh, YES it IS!

So, it's Monday.  Spring break Monday.  The first official day of Spring Break Week.  Started off nice enough, me and Lil'Gal slept in.  
Then, it was off to town for her MD follow up and a few errands before my Mom and the Teenager come out to visit.  I was tied up with the doctor's office until lunch.  I had taken Macxine so I could get caught up on some stuff this morning so that I wouldn't feel that I should be glued to her while family is visiting and having my brother over the the night.
Well, no service at the Pediatrician's office.  Poo.  Only next door in the Hospital Physician's tower.  Which is where we see the Urologist.  Poo.
So, all that time was spent wasting away.  Lil'Gal became extremely board but I let her play 'Bubble Breaker' on my cell phone.  I left the book behind for my book review.  But, I can't concentrate like that anyhow with Lil'Gal bouncing around me.
On top of that, I've had this head/allergy thing going on.  Friday I was foggy all day and spent the first half of the morning falling from one bed to a couch and bounding that way through my routine.  Stopping each time for a rest.
So, today I'm back with the fever eyes, scratchy throat, wanna' sleep all day feeling.  I was falling alseep in the treatment room when the MD finally came in. Then, off for a urine culture (again) 'cuz there are apparently white cell counts in Lil'Gal's urine again -- or still.  She's on profilactic antibiotics daily to help deter UTIs and the high fevers they bring with them.
*sigh*  Got my other errands tended to as best and quickly as possible.  But, that meant I had to tell Mom I was running behind and to be out here at 2:pm (which will be 4:pm knowing my MOM! LOL)
I have laundry to fold, puzzles to pick up (okay, that should fall to the kids), the dishwasher needs to be emptied and reloaded with my dishes from my 2:00 lunch.  DH didn't make the bed this morning (I didn't sleep in it last night) so I need to tend to that.  But, I want to lay down before the family gets here to visit.
AND, Bex and the kids are coming down!!!  Which is fabulous!  But, I don't want to have medicine head allergies when they arrive....  Grrrr.  I am so thrilled and they are so excited as well to come down!!
And, we get LOTS of quality time together -- usually, when they come down they have to hit so many places (us, family, grandparents) and all in a short time.  But, this visit will be grand!  And, then TG is flying in Friday afternoon to join us.  [That way they can all ride back together and it'll give him more time....]
GREAT NEWS!!!  Well, if that wasn't great enough I've got more!  I got picked up by a company that PRs for multiple companies and their products!!  YAY!!  This means I have sponsored GiveAways!!  I get one to review and then some to Give Out to YOU!!!
The first one is on it's way.   For me to review and pimp out and then three to Give Out!  Now, you know of course that I'm all about Root & Sprout!  So, we'll be sharing one their and at GT  -- but I can't tell you what it is.  BUT, I have one to Give Away here to all my bloggies who support me and come back to read me and watch me living out dreams.
FYI, please pop over to Root & Sprout to see the fabulous new venue.  And, you can COMMENT on the articles there!  [Psssst!  Go comment to me!  You know I heart comments and I want my Editor, Lis to know y'all are reading me!!!]
So, I have a BUSY week of fun, fun and FUN!
Happy Monday!  I'm off to lay down on the couch with some tylenol in my tummy tend to the dishwasher and fold that laundry!



Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. So many are feeling icky right now - Tylenol Allergy & Sinus is wonderful stuff for what ails you!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HOLY cats my head is spinning, what a DAY!
I hope you and your daughter feel better too, and have some fun with the guests!

Jay said...

A bunch of trees and flowers and weeds have suddenly come to life around here this last week. So I have the allergy thing going too.

Have fun with family and friends!

Delaney said...

Thanks for posting your giveaway at my blog. I hope to see you back when you have another one!

Debbie Yost said...

Our spring break started this week, too. I've been going into the office at 7:00 but get off early. Then I put the kids to work with pulling weeds and gardening. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm glad I got it all done (well, most of it.) We leave for vacation tomorrow evening, heading to Colorado Springs. I'm taking my laptop to get some of my articles done! Ran into a couple snags and the deadline is quickly approaching! Yikes.

Can't wait to hear about the giveaways.

Betty said...

I hope your feeling better. My poor friend. :(