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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rules are NOT made to be broken

So, it's about 1:30ish, almost. And, already my little missy had several infractions against her. While I'm searching online additional party ideas so I know what to watch the sales for and also some tea sets (ebay, etc.) she proceeds to continue breaking the rules.

Let's see:
  • She visits me from watching cartoons and there is a powdery white substance on her clothes. Did she find my baby powder? No. I enter the utility room to change the laundry -- she found the powdered sugar hidden in the bottom crisper drawer of the back up refrigerator.
  • Bubbles: She takes the bubbles which belong to her and one to her brother. They are kept in the utility room for "outside play ONLY." She reviews tea sets with me on the computer and then skips away. I find her with bubbles all over the kitchen table and floor "But, I wasn't blowing them." Like that was my biggest complaint.
  • She has her "girlie" nail polish I finally let her keep because all her "girly" friends at school get to have nail polish. So far she has been responsible. I walk back through the living room to tend to another chore. She's painting her hair with it!!! AAAauuugugughhh!
  • [Earlier] "What time is it?" She asks me. Which when my kids ask this it means they want food -- snack time, lunch time, etc. me: "It's NOT snack time..." Few minutes later, her: "Can I have this lunchable for snack?" me: "NO." her: "Please, I'm hungry...can I have it? Please? Can I? Can I open it? I'm hungry." (imaging this another 4-5 times) me: "Fine." her: [after one or two bites] "Never mind, you can have it."!!! Ughgh!!
  • I find her drinking her cold water. She's so proud that it's "cold water" because it's "healthy." I peer into the bottom of the's layered and packed with...can you guess? Powdered Sugar! Grrrrr... :0{{ That's how my face looked.

Further investigation: daughter tells me, "That's what they do on the commercials..." They adverstise the "glitter hair" stuff for dolls and girls. I had to explain that it was made for hair not made for nails. Think I can get this out before church tomorrow?



Krishna said...

LMAO! that is too funny. I love how your kids as if its snack time. Mine just bring the snacks to me to open. They rarely even ask for food unless they are really hungry.

Farmer*swife said...

Yea, I look really responsible, huh? But, you know...they are quick! And, sometimes sneaky!

R.E.H. said...

Haha... that's got to get on your nerves - nagging you about a snack, and when she finally gets to eat it, she don't want it ;)

Too funny!

Jay said...

Another example of why I don't have kids. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL! She is still cute and I am sticking to it!!!

She just wanted her snack MOM!!LOL


Anonymous said...

So did it come out effortlessly?

I hope so!

Farmer*swife said...

butterfly girl It came out with WD-40. Took awhile and a little hair was stripped...but we got it out for the most part.

Been hard getting the WD-40 out, LOL! Her hair was a little flat yesterday :o)