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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Glass Overflowing!!

I was asked today "Are you half full? Or, half empty today?" Not an odd question, my being a Glass Half Full Gal. And, I tend to share that with people when life comes up. But, the way this questions was worded...had me wondering. Read on, and I'll explain.

So, today I was at my neice's 5th birthday party. She and my daughter are eight weeks apart. One of the parents whom I consider a friend, parent friends, couple friends...anyhoo, we were all fighting over the frosting that was attached to the castle teirs (my SIL made this fantabulous castle cake for my Sweet Neice's princess party)....and he looked at me and said, well first he domained the place with the leftover frosting as the guys place -- but there was frosting, home-made buttercream, so I invaded.

Then he looked at me and said, "So, are you half full today or half empty?" And, I obviously replied without a thought and said laughingly [and enjoying the frosting] "Half Full!" And, then it hit me. Something about the way it was asked had me thinking. Hmmmm, where did that come from. How would he possibly know about my blog? Maybe he doesn't. But, maybe....he does.

I mentioned it to DH. He reminded me of the following: This person is notorious, afterall, for knowing all the ins and outs and everything about pretty much anyone, any place, any business, and so forth. He is a vast container of collective knowledge. If he does read me? I'm so appreciative. I'm almost flattered to be part of that "vastness of knowledge." I hope he finds me interesting and entertaining...I'm just wonderin' from where the bloggie he found me.

In thinking, I did send my SIL an invite to read me a long time ago. But, I thought she never did. As, I've never heard a word. Maybe I've been silently passed around -- how flattering! Then again, it could all just be in my head. Hmmm, I think I'll live and revel a little in the possibility of being somewhat "farmville" bloggie famous!!! [If you think or know otherwise, please don't bust my bloggie bubble, LOL]

The Point: So easily that I answered laughingly that my Glass is Half full (I think possibly more than half full)...I thought of all the minor yet, magnificent pictures I've taken over this week. So, here is a recount of "words" I captured in picture over this Spring Break.

"Enchanted" So, we saw this at Thanksgiving. Me, my baby Bro (going on 13 he didnt' find it as fantisizing), my daughter and son. Immediately after it ended, my daughter and I agreed we would have, just HAVE to buy soon as it was released on DVD. If you are a parent of children who love "Happily Ever Afters" then you need to see, rent, buy this DVD. It takes me back with my children everytime to the childhood I wanted, and am now able to give and share with them.

"Fashion Statement" My daughter loves to dress up. Sometimes she mixes it up. She always makes a fashion statement. I try to let her live a little, but I do have to jump in from time to time when we are going out into the real world. Anyhow, she is wearing her "Dash" [The Incredibles movie] P.J.s along with black valentine hearted socks and her black crocks with pink rinestones. She wouldn't let me brush her hair because, how did she say it, "She likes the free and wild look." [Almost 5 yrs old].

"Santa Clause" So after a big, hot, bubble bath, my son dresses and beards himself with bubbles. He then proceeds to run through the house saying "Ho, Ho, Ho, I'm Santa Clause." He ran way too much water, after I had already turned it off. But, hey? It's still Spring Break. Actually, the last official day of. And, if you click on the pics you can see a bigger version and his chin is so cutely covered in a "bubble beard."

"Sibling Un-rivalry" So, the kids decided after a day at home (pre-spring break weekend) to get along and play together. I caught them having a "tea party." Son agreed to play, as it was so important to his sister. I caught them in frivolous conversation...getting along and loving each other. Then I heard my daughter say (before she saw me), "Shhhh, Mama's takin' pictures of us."

These are the little things that make life so GRAND. Little pictures, memories in a moment. These are the things that make life "Half Full" and detox the stresses that make me fearful I might end up "Half Empty." I'm an anxious person. I'm OCD. I'm happy in who I am and in what the Lord has given me.

So, in writing this, I actually made myself one of these. A vodka tonic. I've forgotten how good these are. And, as I sipped it and peered into it I thought, once again, my Glass is half full....and when it runs short of that....I just fill it up again.

Happy Saturday!!!



Dianne said...

I love "fashion statement" and "sibling unrivalry" - sweet and fun photos.

I drank a few too many Tom Collins last night. But they were always full :)

Have a wonderful Sunday

R.E.H. said...

This was a very uplifting post, I must say. I think you just made my damn-near-empty glass "half full". Thank You.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Your Daughter is going to be so sassy! I like that, I was and still am a fashion gal!

like I have said before, Your kids are beautiful. You Rock!!!


Knight said...

Sounds like life is going great and the kids look like they had a great spring break.