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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WWC: 03-25-08; Treasure and Junk

So, I missed out last week on the WWC. But, I threw something together for today's WWC deadline.

Before we get to the pics though, I wanted to mention that Butterfly Girl has her recipe up for Spring Rolls. Spring Rolls won the poll! So, if you voted for it or just want to check it out click on over there! Thanks Butterfly Girl.

So, WWC:

Hunting for treasure, counting her treasure and running away from the scene of a crime. My daughter just hit her uncle, "Big S" with a cracking confetti egg. See the glee in her face? Gosh, you just can't help but smile at her joy. Looking at her melts me.

Junk. My appliance garage....I keep my everyday lists and junk in here because I can clean it all up in about two seconds.

Taa-Daaaaa!!!! Pretty nifty, huh?

Extra Photo Shot: Butterfly Girl is also contributing to this idea of stringing along everyone's kitchen table...or something like that. The idea is to show everyone something about ourselves via our kitchen table. Mine is kinda' boring. 'Cuz, it pretty much stays clean and uncluttered. Hmmm, guess that does say something about myself. :0)

I will say that I hate this table. This is our old table from our tiny little house. It only has three chairs because one broke twice and could no longer be fixed. DH brought this table to use until we are able to make the eight hour drive (round trip) to pick up my Gramm's table that I inherited.

One more treasure picture. The only cloud in the sky.


Anonymous said...

I love a clean uncluttered table,room and or anything, that is why I had to get rid of my king bed, took up to much room and was about to be a hot mess!!

I am glad to see that your kids had a great easter. Blog atcha later!

captain corky said...

I need an appliance draw that I can shove my whole house into when need be. ;)

Knight said...

Love the junk drawer. That last photo with the sunset, did you take that? It is gorgeous!

Jay said...

Excellent job on the words this week. Those appliance garages are great. I really like to keep my counter tops clear. My table? Not so much.

Farmer*swife said...

knight I did take that pic of the sun with the one cloud -- right off my back porch! Our house sets just so I can watch the sun rise every morning and set every afternoon -- all from my kitchen and living room. Beautiful!!

I realized I left a few pictures out. I had one of my neice and nephew with my kids on Easter "prior" to hunting -- they are all "treasures."

R.E.H. said...

Great pics! Your daughter really looks like she's having a blast running around with that basket.

And, the sunset pic is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I hate my table more.

And my Gram didn't leave me much more than a box of dolls. Can't eat on them. :)

Tink said...

I can't help but smile when I look at the grin on your daughter's face. SO CONTAGIOUS! :D

Great use of the words. That last picture was gorgeous.

Newt said...

I finally got ours cleaned off but since I am working from home the rest of the week I have my computer and stuff all over it. And the clothes I took out of the dryer, and the books we are reading, and the movie I picked up for hubby.

Your WWC's were wonderful. THe kids look like they are having fun!

Dianne said...

you get to see the sun rise and set right from your window!? that's incredible.

love the look of pure joy on your daughter's face :)