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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Punky Penny the Rock Star!

One more today, since I didn't get it in yesterday. This is "Punky Penny" the Rock Star doll Sweet D got for Aubree as a gift for handling her surgical procedure so well. Sweet D always spoils the kids. We Love Her! (And, not for the gifts, either).

My son dared to make fun and laugh at her name and he took a minor beating from his sister. I told "her" she's not to beat her brother. I told "him" he better not make fun of people's/doll's names.

Now, I realize that I once had a blog post about "inappropriately dressed" Barbies. "Penny" is a Rock Star. On an average day she's dressed in blue jeans, a t-shirt and some cute sandals. Not thigh highs. Stage gear is not "daily wear."

The purple hair is cool, isn't it?!

Happy Sunday! Again!!!


Jay said...

Purple hair is cool. I could go with the purple hair look myself. But, not thigh highs. ;-)

Tink said...

Purple hair is totally cool. If I wouldn't look like a Jem wannabe, I might try it out sometime. :)

jz0227 said...

You know, I didn't even notice that Punky Penny had a short skirt! I just fell in love with her purple hair and her "Rock Star" quality! With her thigh high boots, you hardly even notice it, and just knew that A would love her! Muah!

Ali said...

I love you Nova. Your blog makes me love you even more. A few questions...what did Aubrey have surgery for? What do you clean your stainless appliances with? Glad you got ahead of the fraudulent charges before it became a BIGGER deal. When are you going to come stay with us? Thanks for the updates. I'll have to try the black lager. Don't usually like too heavy of beers, but this one looks good. Come up here!