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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday's What's Its.

Happy Wednesday. Had a full schedule. Here are some things I learned/experienced/thought about today:

DH needed some water on my way back from picking up the kiddos from la escuela (school). So, while we were there? They took a tractor ride as he was planting (I stayed back in the SUV to finish my trashy romance novel. Unknowingly, when I bought it? I didn't realize HOW trashy/wordy porn it was.) Oh, and that bottle of water cost me $7.50. [You can't walk in a convenience store with small children with out walking out with way more than you needed.]

So, Tuesday (I didn't get to blog, only add my WWC) my daughter nagged me for the 6th day to stop at the convenience store so she could buy the "seeds" Ms. Em eats while assisting at school. I ask "Do YOU have money?" She says "Yes." I ask "...with you?" She says, "Yes." I say, "Prove it" while pulling away from the school parking lot. So, she pulls out her pink sequenced wallet from her one of two purses she took to school this day and she has like $5.00 bucks in change! -- Robbed her piggy bank.

So, I say. Fine. I'll stop but you have to buy something for all of us. She did. She got "seeds," I got "seeds" and son got "Hot Peanuts." 4 1/2 year old pays for us. [NO, REALLY.]

Unfortunately, as I haven't eaten these in years (the pre-kids, eat sunflower seeds and drink beer while riding with the DH on the tractor till all hours days) my mouth is all raw, chapped, and puckered today. No wonder I gave this habit up -- or maybe, my tolerance is down.

ALSO YESTERDAY, I cleaned (as always) and I polished all my stainless appliances. The cabinet guys (whom I do like) come in to replace a hinge on my "appliance" garage. They leave. I walk by my fridge and find this!! They guy didn't even think to "wipe off" his nasty, sweaty, greasy hand print. Sheeze.

Offered this to a friend today who got some "lunch" on his shirt sleeve. It was a nice shirt. These things work wonders. I keep one in my purse always and I like to sing the song like Kelly Rippa does on the commercial when I use it..."na-na-nah-NAH, na-na-nah-NAH, HEY, HEY HEY!!! GOOD-bye!" [NO REALLY, I do this too. You should try it, it's fun and everybody looks at you like...well, they look at you.]


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!! I love that commercial! I like everything in it's place also!

I guess that is why I live alone and I am Single, Your kids are soooo cute!


Knight said...

I think you are raising your kids very well! Having a four 1/2 year old thoughtful enough to buy something for everybody...whoever heard of that? Good work mom!

Krishna said...

I love seeds too and the same thing happens, my lips get so chapped and raw. btw, I always have a stain pen on my, but I hate the way the lid does not say on all the time, then they dry up.