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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, so still gotta' get back later about the credit card fraud thing where stupid Butt Crack A-hole Skitsovel's (or however you spell it and I can't do the linguistic thingie for that one) actually were trying to buy stuff online with my credit card. FLIPPIN' (other explicatives) people!!! WTH!!!! But, I'm in a real hurry cuz' I'm running behind on getting dinner ready (fried venison, if you're curious, yummmmmie-y). So, BLOGGIES RULE!! I got some comments on one of my posts and y'all so sweetly agreed and volunteered to be my "groupies!!!" WHOOOO-HOOO! I have "groupies!" I have friends and they read me and comment occassionally cuz' life is busy and if you only have low speed internet it kinda' sucks...but, they still read me. And, I LUUUUUV them. I have great friends. Anyhow, also a big shout out to my NEW READERS!! Y'all all made my blah day? Into a "I feel so good like I totally ROCK day!!" That's a great feeling to have. Well, someone is crying, DH is painting outside, the children's video won't shut-up and I'm about 42 minutes behind on dinner.... (shhhh, I'll be back later wink-wink). Oh, and ummmm.....BLOGGIE'S and GOOD FRIENDS -- RULE!!!

1 comment:

Krishna said...

LMAO-- i first read that boogies rule! yes, cant wait to hear about cc fraud.