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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Credit Card Fraud: S.O.B.s!!!!

Yea, so I was running errands today and feeling especially high as I had left the house just shortly after reading some "bloggie comments" and some bloggie's volunteered to be my groupies!!!! Whooop! It really did make me feel really special. Oh, and I even had a couple of "new readers" -- double WHOOOP! and a big, Hip! Hip! Whooo-hoooo! So, I'm working out and paying for the ticket details for a school fundraiser as I am a "bon-i-fied Board Member" for our local private school PTA. Actually, we are a PTL -- we are a "League" as apposed to an "Association." Either way? I like participating....and it's all for the kids and I love their little school. So, I chose my "personal" credit card (where I hide those tiny purchases, and hubby gifts and then stash my cash to pay it off) vs. the "family budget" credit card to pay for the tickets -- knowing I'll be re-imbursed by the school. So, the card came back with some code to call it in. So, I don't have time to call it in so I gave the girl (little, young, and not quite so smart but very sweet and complimentative to me) the family budget card instead while mumbling...."Hmmmm, I'll have to check that online when I get home." So, by the time I get home there are already like "four"other calls I have to make and schedule things with and email people the details of the outcomings of the calls and ALL, immediately. And, as I reach for the phone I notice the little happy-ass red arrow blinking....I have a message. For those who have read me awhile? You know I don't like the phone and I don't like it to ring and I especially, don't like the red blinking arrow -- Impending Doom and all. So, guess who it was? YEPPERS! My bank. "Mrs. Farmer*swife? We need you to call us at 1-800-bla-blah because we have detected some unusual charges to your account and we need to verify them." BEEEP. WTF! WTH! Oh, Crap! There goes my damn anxiety level again. MF'ers. So, I first check online and sure enough there is a hold on my account -- and, I am glad. And, then there is a phone number to call but it is different from the number the "lady" on the phone message left. So now, I am calling one number and hanging up. Then, I call the other number and hang up. And, I play this game about three rounds before I decide....well, hell. Eeny-Meeny-MIny-Moe and get through this already! (I didn't know who to trust at this point -- someone had phished my credit card info and I didn't know if they'd phished it from my computer or my phone number -- or what!) It's kinda' like when you can't tell who is the "real" super-hero cuz' the bad guys cloned the good guy? And, then there's the secret password that the real Super yells out just before he gets shot and the weapon-holder decides to shoot the bad guy instead? Yeah, kinda' like that. So come to find just started today. I asked the lady, "Um, what was the last charge you show before this "abnormal" charging began -- she said it like she knew me personally, "Oh, you know...that Dollar Store." SWEET, she must watch just me and my account. She totally knows me. So these SOB/F'ers/Slack-ass cheaters/Skitstovals (I know, I never spell it right and I can't do the linguistical thingie) CowPoop, SHIT-ASS stealer-theives were buying some online services, some other crap, and some other crap I also did not recognize. Amounting in $145.00 + $50.++, a Pay Pal!! + $45.++ and, none was charged to my card and my card went into lockdown and....I LOVE my smart bank. They might know me a little too well???? [Thank Goodness I don't frequent the sex toy stores] but, they know me well enough. And, that is well enough for ME. The strange thing is? The only real "risky" thing I do online? Is blog. I've ebayed. But, after I OCD'd on it I grew tired as I had fulfilled my need. So, it all leaves me "wondering." I'm the paranoid one, after all. I know some of those PDA's can scan your credit card and your information. Kids waiting on you at a restaurant can do this on their way to run your card to pay your bill. I am an UN-trusting person [loving, just un-trusting] I plan my "theif routine" at every place and store I enter [particularly with the children in tow -- that makes us all a victim to approach] prior to exiting my vehicle and prior to exiting the store. I carry weapons. I know a little tae-kwon-doe and I also know a whole lot of "crazy-scared- ass-woman." But, these culprits are probably cheezy-ass lazy teens. I sure wish they'd approach my house. HELL, I'll leave the gate open. Maybe even the garage door. And, when I hear the "squeeak" of the door (because DH will not be allowed to "unsqueak" it anymore after this) I'll be waiting. And, I'm gonna' kick some Happy-looser-cheater-ass! I can do it too! I might be small but I am highly "mighty!!" Be safe out there in cyber-space. And, thanks for reading me! Love ya' all (unless your a stealin' bastard).


Jay said...

I had the same thing happen to me. Some loser tried to buy a $4,000 TV on my credit card. It got denied and there was a hold placed on the card. What sucked was they never called me and I tried to use it at Christmas and couldn't. What a mess that was.

The other weird thing about it was the card was new. My old card had expired and this card had only been sent to me two weeks prior to somebody trying to use it. Sounds like an inside job to me.

Anonymous said...

I have never been on through that *crosses fingers/knocks on wood" I am sorry you had to go through that! instead of having my own personal CC, I just keep what I bought in the trunk of my car until it is safe to bring it out!

I do it still to this day and I live alone! I am used to hiding stuff from my dad! LOL!!! He still gets the bill tho!

I Have got to get a chance to read back through your blog, Like a Farmerswife story day! also I added you to my Blogroll, Now I will be stalking you!!!!!!!!!


R.E.H. said...

That sucks! The good thing about credit cards is that you don't need to carry money in your pocket, which makes it less likely you get a gun pointed at your face on the street.

But, now you're being robbed in a completely different way, which can cost you a lot of money.

Good thing they caught the bastards, and "saved" your money.

I only keep a limited amount of money on my credit card that I use online and at stores... that way, if someone were to hack it they couldn't get a lot of money. I keep most of my money on a different account.

Anonymous said...

My mother worries all the time about the same things. She yells at me for going to stores after dark. Yells at me for going to the city alone. Agh!

It's too much stress. I'm not living in fear of everything. I keep alert and I trust my gut. That's all I need round this town.

Glad you have such a great bank, where would you be without them?!;)

Krishna said...

That totally sucks. At least they called you asap. I quit using credit cards and only use debit now and i keep an eye on that account like a hawk!

Knight said...

I do what R.E.H. does and I find it keeps me from stressing about it too much. I get paranoid because I always find charges that were put through twice or servers/bartenders that wrote themselves a $40 tip for a $20 bill. Stuff you don't always notice unless you keep receipts.

bandnhurt said...

Yeah, be careful of PayPal accounts too. We didn't have any credit cards and had a debit card on our PayPal account. Someone hacked and cleaned out the bank account in 20 minutes!!!! Thank goodness it is not our primary account and we don't keep much money in it!!!! We got a credit card specifically for this because they don't have our cash!!!!