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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WWC: 03-11-08; Paper and Ceramic

Here's my WWC for today! Paper and Ceramic. I was having some difficulty with the ceramic part until I went to the craft store to pick up some "paper" today. Here's what I got. I'll be back later to blog about credit card fraud -- yea, they got me. But, my BANK got them! Thank goodness they are paying attention.

Anyhow, WWC:

My son's letter to us and my daughter's art...prideful paper. I left the pics a little larger in pixels so you can maybe read the little note he wrote. ;)

I bought paper today. I also bought ribbon. I went a little over board but most of it is for birthday party invitations for some parties I'm working on. And, it was on sale...and I love ribbon.

My secret collection; and yes, I have used most of it. But, ribbon isn't this weeks WWC so now on to ceramic.

This was a wedding gift from family on my DH's side. It seemed like an unusual gift but I have grown attached to it over the years. It's autographed by the artist. Wonder what it's worth?

White, blue and red ceramic -- also at the craft and hobby store. I took these with my cell phone and for some reason blogger won't hold the formatting -- so yes, the are cock-eyed and upside down. They are also 50% off this week!

And, lastly we can not forget this one....

Most important ceramic....

Happy Tuesday! (Watch your credit cards; there are fraudulent people out there).


g-man said...

Nicely done. I have a toilet posted this week too :)

Jay said...

So I was sitting on the pot yesterday morning, doing my morning thang ya know, and I started thinking about WWC. I was like "there isn't a damn thing in this apt that is ceramic."

OOPS. Guess I should have looked down. LOL ;-)

Great pics.

Your daughter's artwork is outstanding.

Newt said...

Those are great! It wasn't until tonight when I got back to the hotel that I realized that I had ceramic all over the bathroom - duh! I posted a lame potted plant instead. How sad is that?

R.E.H. said...

LOL! At Jay's comment!

Great pics this week. But, how does Blogger turn the pics upside down? That one boggles me ;)

Tink said...

"Thank you for everything." Awww! That's so sweet.

Great pictures! I love your ribbon collection. What in the world do you do with it all though. :)

Knight said...

No way! Isabel Bloom is from my hometown The Quad Cities. It's a huge thing there. I was surrounded by them growing up.

Farmer*swife said...

knight: You've heard of her? What's her stuff go for? Just curious.

g-manThanks for visiting! I wondered if I'd be one of many or the only one to realize about the toilet. Mine's a kohler ;)

r.e.h.: I changed the formatting but evertime blogger uploaded the pic it flipped it back -- don't know why.

tinkI use ribbon for scrapbooking, making cards, wrapping gifts, and of course, my daughter's hair :).

jay & newt thanks for visiting! I gotta' go make the rounds now too!!

Knight said...

You can check out the website. I think she opened shop 50 years ago and it has become very popular. You can see what things go for here:

Is it safe to assume you got the gift from someone living in Illinois or Iowa?