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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My children are MY LIFE

So, as I was just tucking my two beautiful children into their beds [I let them stay up late and watch "Ladie and the Tramp", it being Spring Break and all], I thought that I needed to say a few things about them. Now, yes, my last post was "jesting" about trading or renting out my children. But, in all honesty? They are my life. Yes, I have a life outside of children...but, they are really what makes my life so full. Yes, I truly love my DH. I am a blessed, blessed woman. Still, my children....I MADE these tiny little people. Well, DH and I made them together but I got to carry them around in my womb. And, I was happy to eat all the right things, sacrifice all the bad things, and treat my body like the wonderful life creating source that it is. I grew these children and sheltered them until they were ready to join the outside world. I have to say that I have sympathy for men. Though, most probably don't see that I should. But, they will never know what it is like to carry a life this way. To nurture it and grow it and to give birth to such beautiful beings. I love my children with all my heart. I joke about them being a "Pain in the Ass" cuz' we have to make light of life when it is frustrating. But, my life would be so, SO, much less without them in it. I've done a few great and grandios things in my life. But, the accomplishments I will always be most proud of are my children. Parenting is SO HARD. It truly is the hardest job in the world, the universe. We try to set an example [better, even, than ourselves], to provide morals, boundaries, love, and everything that it takes to guide our children in the right direction and to mold them into the wonderful people they are and are growing up to be. We revel in their accomplishments. Be it reading a whole book or dusting the window sills or singing a silly song. I am so thankful to God for giving them to me. For blessing my DH and I with these "gifts." Because they truly are a gift. I worry with a watchful eye, fearful of losing them or something harming them. I could not imagine....I don't even dare, imaging the worst. It would end me, completely. So please know that I would never rent out my children. I would never trade my children. I would give up anything, everything and all of myself to keep them safe and warm and loved. My children, are my life. I wouldn't live it, any other way....


jezdez said...

No question there about you being the bestest mom ever!

RED said...

I SO know what you're talking about! My boys are the centerpiece of my life, but I am still whole. Our ability to be light-hearted no doubt makes us stronger parents for the difficult times :)

Knight said...

Nobody would ever doubt that. I don't have kids and obviously don't understand exactly what you mean but you make it very clear how much you love your children and it sounds to me like you are a fantastic mom.