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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Etsy: The Deerman

I keep hearing about this "Etsy" place. I think it's like ebay only full of crappier stuff? Just kiddin.' I better get all the facts before I go judging. Anyhow, I clicked some links on "Tink's" page and they took me to the Etsy and now, I too have joined the curious persons and have visited there.

(Sorry, I didn't put a link to Tink, too lazy and I haven't memorized the coding yet...she's up there in my bloggie buddy list under "Pickled Beef.")

So, someone actually took the time to make this from other peices, from what the write up said.

This someone is selling this thing for $40.00!! I make WAY better crap stuff than this! I know I could totally sell some stuff on Etsy. I really need to look into this!

Anyhow, that's about all for now. I kept the daughter home today because I thought she'd be a might tired after having been up this morning from 4:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. Of course, I too, was up as she was up and complaining. She might have actually been dreaming and sleep walking through her dream.

So, it ends up that I'm the tired one. And, she has been hogging the computer. All the same I had to finish the laundry [it never ends] and "bissell" my floors.
Lator Gators! Happy Wednesday!



captain corky said...

I wanna buy that thing just so I can shoot it with my BB Gun. That would be so gratifying!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am with you,I have had a lazy feeling day, After Exams I was soooooo tired! I could not even blog, but I had to I am doing that 365 ning thing! So I have to blog!!!!

Just wanted to come by and say hi! and yes you made it to my daily fix blog roll! We are going to comment you to death! LOL!!!

R.E.H. said...

I'm starting to worry about this Etsy place... they seem to draw everyone in - who knows what their agenda really is?

Etsy... etsy-etsy-etsy... sounds a little alien to me. So, now they really are here - looking to take over the world with little innocent gift items...

...King was on to something! Needful Things all over again... I'm scared. Now, I'm really afraid!


Knight said...

$40 for that ugly thing? Seriously? I heart Etsy because I got an amazing vintage dress for $20 and an iron candlestick holder for $10 that is pretty cool. The problem is that some of the sellers have lost their minds. I'm going to put up a single shoe and charge $50.

Ha, the word verification is Tyehd. I am pretty Tyehd myself. Good luck with the laundry. I'm headed to do mine.

Jay said...

I had no idea that they had something as awesome as that on Etsy. I might have to check that site out a little more.