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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Morning Dream

So, DH fell asleep last night and I was able to join him at not too late after the snoring subsided. But, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. I did dream somewhere during the night....but, I really don't know how as I was woken several times. After my 2:00 a.m. wake up and son came in our room at 4:00 a.m. So, I gave him my spot in our bed and gladly took to his "whole bed." But, then daughter cries out and moans in sleep about an hour or so later. So, I go crawl in with her and comfort her in her sleep. Didn't really fall back asleep after that as she wiggles and moves and is a noisy sleeper. If so much as a mouse [farts] passes wind? It'll wake me up. If DH has a tiny muscle twitch? It'll wake me up. If he BREATHES too loudly, it'll wake me up. So, around 7:00 a.m. I hear a small, quiet clink in my son's room. I get up and all is dark (thank goodness for the time change) and I follow his little silouette down the hall. Son is going to drive the tractors with Daddy. The Dream: So, I think there were two, actually. Since I was awoken from one, and possibly fell into the other. But, I'll try and re-cap. (I should have written/typed it down first thing this morning...but I layed around a bit seein' as I didn't sleep quite soundly...then I had to dress, paint the face, and chore around a little). I think it was my birthday...but, that is where the dreams mix up. So, apparently, a lot of people (friends and family) dropped by unexpectedly. And, I look around the house (which wasn't even our house but a soggy compilation of random places I've lived over my lifetime) was all cramped and clutter was everywhere!!! And, there were lots of blankets lying around and stuffed into various places. And, there was stuff -- crumbles, bits of paper, snacking remnants, dust bunnies, etc. -- all over my floor. I think there were also "Good & Plenty" candies...though, I don't know why as I've never eaten these things in my life. [Being candy? Probably, my daughter spilled them.] So, I made everyone wait outside on the front porch because they couldn't come in. The house was a wreck [due to the kids, I was thinking in my dream] and there wasn't even room for them to sit down or anything. While, I'm trying to clean it up, which as quickly and efficiently as I tried, I turn around to find another mess I'd somehow missed. [Kinda' like when someone is chasing you and no matter how fast you run or where you hide that someone always seems to find you? Or, you have gun to protect yourself but the bullets drip out of the end...that kind of mess]. DH was getting frustrated with me that it wasn't cleaned up and that people were waiting. So, I argued with him that he might could help and it would go twice as fast. The whole time I keep wondering how that mess got there so quickly all while I was apparently in the house. But, you know dreams. So, then somehow the people (whom I know in the dream as friends and family, but in reality I don't know those people at all) find their way into my home while I'm cleaning. And, I'm anxious because now they are crowded around in my house and in my way as I clean...but, they are handing me birthday cards. (Unless this is the other I's foggy). I'm also embarrassed because I don't keep a cluttered messy house -- not usually, anyhow. So, one card had a receipt taped inside for a total purchase of $13.49. I realized they had "pre-purchased" the Jungle Book II Disney DVD which was apparently about to be re-released on sale at Target. (Go figure that detail). So, I thought to myself, "How thoughtful. The kids will love it...even though Jungle Book II isn't quite as good as the original." I don't know what relevance this had, if any, to my dream. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, I decided to look up some stuff in my book(s) about "Dreams." I have three, but could only locate two. They were where they were supposed to be....the missing one still concerns me a little. When I was a freshman in high-school I used to hit the library in the mornings before class started (I was always at school early) and I pulled out the volumes of books about dream interpretations. I can't really remember a whole lot of it except that there (at that time) were two main schools of thought: 1) Dreams are random mixes of memories as your mind "files" thoughts, memories, activities, etc. in the long term and short term memory filing cabinets it maintains. 2) Dreams mean something and offer incite into your life and should be disected and interpreted to help you better understand what is going on in your life, your emotional state, and what your mind and inner self are trying to tell you. So, one book (a small -- quick and easy paperback) had this to say: cleaning: a clear, straightforward warning note from your conscience is contained in a dream of cleaning...the harder/busier you are cleaning -- the more urgent the warning against "allowing yourself to be drawn into anything even slightly unethical, no matter how pleasurable and/or profitable it may appear." Hmmmm. Pleasure and profit? I think I'll ignore the warning and take the money and pleasure. After all, I was cleaning -- not prostituting myself. mess: whatever may be worrying or confusing you will soon come to an orderly conclusion. Hmmmm, again. Like that helps. All things come to a conclusion eventually, but is it good or bad? So, that book apparently sucks. Too bad I can't get my money back. Let's go on to the bigger and better book. cleaning: (it get's very indepth about each room) but generally, cleaning your home could suggest that you want to get more oganized in your waking life, but before you can do that you need to dispose of dirt or dust. This may refer to ways of thinking or responding that are clouding your judgments in waking life. Not so sure. I'm a pretty organized person. living room: [represents the image that you portray to others and the way in which you go about your life. Representative of your basic beliefs about yourself and who you are] if your dream living room is crowded, cramped and full of strange furniture (ie: blankets?) this suggests a lack of privacy. Hmmmmm. I typically can't even bathe or potty without someone entering my private space. porch: [represents your personality, your social self, your facade and how you portray youself to others; the portion of your life on display to others. What happens on your front porch in your dream is something that has become quite public, suggesting that you feel exposed in some way.] enclosed porch suggests your tendancy to distance yourself from others and your desire for privacy. Again, the privacy thing. . .I do feel like I've introverted lately. But, I also know that once summer comes and stays all "sunshine, hot, and blossoms" I become a social butterfly. Winter and early spring tend to leave me cacooned until my wings burst me free again. And, everyone knows I don't really use my front porch. We all hang out in the back. And friends drive around to the back. Only strangers (whom are unwelcome) appear on my front porch...and, sometimes ring my door bell [shame!] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally? I think it was just a dream. I will say when I woke and went to our bedroom I found the blankets on the floor from the kids "pallets" from movie night last night. And, I haven't bisselled my floors in a few days so that was on my agenda for this morning. And, I have been working on birthday party invitations for days. Yep, think all the thoughts and memories were mixing around while my mind filed them appropriately away. I think my mind stays as organized as my home. [Some of you may think or know otherwise? But please don't analyze me and please don't share said analysis. Kindly, let me live happily with the idea (or possibly dilusion) that I'm very well put together and very much in control] :0) So, I'm off to fold those blankets and bissell my floors! Happy Saturday!


Knight said...

I used to be really interested in dream study until mine got so odd I couldn't even bother anymore. You did mention one thing about not really knowing your friends and family. I can relate to that. I have dreams where ther person is a familiy member or someone close to me but awake I realize I don't know them. Also the people often morph into someone else on me.

The porch part is interesting as well. I have always understood that we think of our house as a representation of ourself so going on that theory, what is inside is how you feel inside and what is outside (like the porch and yard) is how you present yourself to strangers.

Farmer*swife said...

Interesting incite there knight. Maybe inside I am cluttered? I do know my home is generally not.

Then again...I might try a "weee" bit hard to be all perfectie Martha Stewart/June Cleaver...though, with beer.

Sometimes? [Not lately]. I'd dream about romantic/dating with someone (like George Strait) and then when the dream got really good? I'd remember "Oh, wait. I'm married."

Even subconciously, I seem to "follow the rules." LOL