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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some things I said on Sunday

So, it is amazing at times what I find coming out of my mouth -- children seem to prompt our tongues to respond before our minds do. Of course, generally a lot of old cliche's my Mom used to use come forth -- even though I always knew I'd never say that.

So, here are some things I said this particular Sunday:

  • Quit touching, talking to, or even looking at each other!!!!
  • Don't make me come back there!!!
  • Do you honestly think I won't pull this vehicle over?
  • Get OUT of the pantry.
  • Don't touch that it's dirty...I said don't touch that it's dirty, don't touch that....I said DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!
  • I wouldn't have to yell if you'd listen the first three times I tell you something.
  • Get OUT of the pantry.
  • The couch is not a trampoline.
  • [In CCD Class] If you don't get off the floor and pay attention then I sware I'm going to tell your father and your getting the belt tonight.
  • Don't give me that attitude Mister!!
  • What? Is WITH you today?
  • I love you too. Now, get out of the pantry.
  • How many fruit bars have you eaten? How many are you SUPPOSED to eat at one time?
  • YES, you can have the computer in "A" minute. To which my six year old replies, "Did you say "A" minute or "uh" minute. Cuz' a minute ago I sware you said "uh" minute."
  • Get down from there. Get down from there. I said GET DOWN from there!
  • Can't we all just get ALONG?

Now, on to some pics of the day.

I have to share my computer with him, her, and the DH. I really need my own laptop.

Apparently, the ice maker can explode. I would have taken a picture of the floor but I had to clean it up before it melted and turned my kitchen into a swamp.

The cause of the ice explosion...she's now earning her keep to make up for it. Yes, they really are worth it :)

Loungin' around after all her hard work.

How NOT to sit in a chair.

Happy Sunday!


1 comment:

Knight said...

I'm cracking up here. I love that lounging photo of your daughter. You can tell she is brewing up trouble in her mind.