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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WWC: 03-04-08; Stone and Glass


Fly by here! Almost forgot to post my WWC pics. Not so "well played" this week but this is the best I got with everything else going on around here. This week's words were stone and glass (at least, I think that's what they are -- if not, just go with it):

Pebbled asphalt parking lot (does this count? Had a nice texture appeal).

Brick stone walk way.....

Shale stone -- this is a picture of a piece that is "rocked into" our bar at the house. Isn't it neat how you can see the fossilized imprints of the shells?

"Broken" glass and "Granite" stone. This wine glass was broken by yours truly on my granite countertop. Glass was also strewn across my floor along with the wine that I didn't get to drink.

"Candlewick handled plate" -- this is an antique dish set I fell in love with -- the way the dishes are glass beaded around the trim. I decided to start collecting these several years ago, but I only have this one and one small other plate so far. Not because I haven't found tons more? But, because the people want so much damn money for them. [I have kids to feed and a house to pay for].

House cleaned after expeling children upon school premises -- now to the grocery store before time to pick them up! Catch y'all later, Gators!


Tink said...

LOL. I love that you thought to take a picture of the glass after you broke it. You've totally gotten the WWC fever. Mwahahahaha.

R.E.H. said...

Love the shale stone pic.

I was thinking of taking picture of broken glass too, because it is beautiful in its own way... but, I couldn't find any anywhere, and I wasn't prepared to break some glass just for the shot either ;)

Jay said...

Did you pour another glass of wine before or after you took the photo of the broken glass?

Great photos! Well done.

captain corky said...

Great pics! You have a bar at your house? Can I come over for a drink?

Dianne said...

love the broken glass on granite - really beautiful

and the brick walk too - I love bricks - always wanted a brick walled kitchen

Anonymous said...

Hey there Farmers Wife, thanks for stopping by. I love your introduction to your blog! I feel ya on all of them!!

I also see your glass having a wine half way! I love me some wine! I love your Pics for WWC!

I will be back......