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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My take on Politics

Okay, now y'all saw the poll I've had up about the Presidential election stuff going on. And, I am so happy I had so many participants!! Thank you for taking time to share your vote. So, I'm not "all about the issues" and though I know I should spend more time paying closer attention to all the stuff going on in Washington -- I also know that there are so many people killing themselves to keep up with all that, run all that, and handle all that....oh, and stress about all that. So, as I'm aging I'm finding that I am becoming quite the close minded, live in my own space [world] kinda' Gal. I've found that I like living life with less stress....and less stress means you gotta' cut down on the stuff you choose to make important enough to worry about. So, anyhow. I don't know about every issue. And, I don't know 'all' about all the candidates. But, I tend to go on a gut feeling. "Hillary?" She scares me. So, I am so glad that all you Democratic people chose Obama. Although, something about him makes me a little uncomfortable...but, I like him WAY better over Ms. C. So, the other almost tied votes go to the "Hard Core Republicans." Unfortunately, I don't really see that we have a whole lot to choose from. I mean, McKain. Isn't that what we had the last time around? I mean, next to Bush. [Hey, I gotta' say...he's is not a perfect man. Neither was Bill Clinton. We are at war; we've been in this war for five, into six, years now. But, when we got hit at our twin towers I wouldn't have picked anyone else other than a good 'ol Texas boy to kick some big time "A".] That said.... So, we seem mighty split. I'm really concerned about the incoming year -- new President and all. Because, I'm really not thrilled about any of the candidates out there, from any party. I don't even feel like a Republican so much....I feel almost, Independent? Usually? I have a gut instinct and I know who I want and why. You can try and sway me and make a good point or two -- but, I stay committed. It's like Vegas and the craps table. I know when and where to place my "mark." But, this time around....I'm almost waiting just to see "who" we end up with. And, I hate to admit Repub readers might boycott me.....but, I have this feeling we are going into a Democratic Presidency this time around. I just pray it isn't the cold hearted B, Mrs. C. I don't trust her. I think the only reason why she stuck around after Bill's big embarassment of America -- was because she's the one who put him in the White House. And, the only, ONLY reason she put him there? Was, because she knew America might not be ready for a female President. Bill was her ticket, her puppet. [Sure hope the Government isn't reading me...could they come after me for slander -- oh, wait. The 5th. Yea, Freedom of Speech and opinion]. I will say that I am truly glad to see some "melting pot" in the variety of candidates -- female, male, black, anglo, and so forth. I'm seeing the future -- [Corky will get this] like Star Trek's leadership made up of so many races, species, and genders. Please don't quit reading me because I "went there" and into politics. Cuz' like I said? I don't keep up much. But, what I DO keep up with? I'm just trying to say.....makes me, uncomfortable. And, that's all I got to say about all' that. Well, one last thing. It's in God's hands....and, in that I DO trust. Happy Wednesday! And, Happy Rambling!!


Jay said...

Having grown up in Arkansas, I've seen how the Clinton's operate since I was like 10 years old. I voted for Bill, but there's no way I can vote for Hillary. She doesn't have a decent bone in her body.

McCain is a doddering old fool who doesn't seem to know where he is or what he's doing most of the time.

Obama does lack experience and is pretty liberal.

Right now I'm going with Obama.

If it's Hillary V McCain ... well I don't know. I would probably vote Hillary just because I think McCain is a Bush clone.

captain corky said...

This is your blog sister, write about whatever's on your mind and don't worry, I always come back for another helping. ;)

I pretty much agree with Jay.

Knight said...

I don't want the senile Bush clone making decisions and the Clinton Robot scares the crap out of me. Something about Obama bothers me but whatever it is I don't think it's dangerous. I think he might do a decent job rebuilding the bridges we have burned in the past.

Anonymous said...

Agree with everyone here! Obama's faults I have seen is he does not ummm elaborate on topics I really want to hear about.. I want the who,what,WHY, when and where! at the same time .. I don't want u to dance around abortion I want to know your stance...

okay taking up blog space!!fulgia