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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shiner: Black Lauger, mmm-mmm Good.

So, our builder came by today. Lookie what he brought me!!

He dropped by to check on some left over "trouble shooters," the little tid bits that take a little extra visit here and there to tie up the loose ends. We discovered through the building process that we had a Love for Shiner Bock in common. His Dad helps him out with a lot of home building projects and he too, has a love of Shiner.

Often, I'd be working on something at the house during the heat of summer and they would drop in to handle a project not contracted out. They'd offer and share their Shiner Bock. It became a routine and toward the end of home completion -- we typically enjoyed a couple together regularly. I kept the new fridge stocked.

Now, my DH? He doesn't like it. He calls it oil. So, it has been dubbed around here as "my oil." Keeps my motor runnin' smooth. Should I hit a nitch in the road and my brain and mouth start clanking around? I just add a little oil, 24 oz. usually does the trick (although, I enjoy a few more ounces from time to time).

So, you can read the part that says "Handle With Pride." But, you probably can't read what is in the grey lining that says "Every drop of Shiner is brewed in Shiner." Shiner, Texas that is. They have all types of Shiner varieties, even a Christmas box set. Shiner Bock is my all time favorite -- but, this Black Lauger? I think it's like the Crown Royal of Shiner Bock.

But, so far you can't find it here locally. My Builder was out of town visiting and helping some family and he found six cases at "Cosco." So he bought four and his BIL bought the other two.

His dad tried "Black Lauger" and said, "You know who would love this? Farmer*swife...Yep, you gotta' take her some." So my Builder drops by and brings me a six pack! Is that not totally awesome? So, as I am blogging this I am enjoying my second one.

[I could barely wait while cooking dinner for the first one to be half way cold enough to enjoy. It was still a little luke warm when I drank it. It was very goooood. I called my Builder and told him the same and thanked him again.]

On a side note, last night my daughter requested that I make chalupas. She likes chalupas. So, I took a picture -- Can you guess which one is mine? Well, kids bedtime and DH is about to loose his patience. I better run. [Or, I could hide in here with my Black Lauger -- no, that wouldn't be fair to the kids.]

Happy Thursday!!!!



Knight said...

I think I'm going to have to go out and get a six pack now. I have to admit that looks pretty good. So does your dinner. DH doesn't do spicey?

Jay said...

I love Shiner Beer. When I lived in San Antonio my brother-in-law and I decided to go tour the brewery one day since Shiner was just down the road a bit. But when we got there we found that they didn't do tours everyday and we were there on the wrong day. So I bought a hat and we got a six pack and went home.

They make a great Heffewiezen too. I love Heffe's.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow you tell me how to make Chalupas. I only know how to order them at Taco Smell and that just can't be the same!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I missed coming here yesterday! I have never heard of shiner beer for I am a bud Light chick! Your food looked really good, I need to make sure I eat more, since all of this exam stuff has come I forget to eat, all I want to do is sleep!

You are a spicy girl I see!

Have a great weekend!


Krishna said...

Yup. you will need more than that for spring break with the kids. BTW, you must have a cast iron stomach. that much jalipenos would give anyone in my house the burning farts!!!

R.E.H. said...

Hmmm... which one is yours? The one in the upper left corner?


So Shiner is dark brew, huh? Darn, I don't like dark beer that much. Still gotta try it once I get my hands on some though.

I used to be a Mich Light drinker... nowadays it's all about Heineken - yes - that's the king of beers!

Newt said...

There is a black lager? Oh,SO heading for the liquor store tomorrow. When we finally got Shiner in Minnesota one of the big liquor stores in the city had a banner that stretched the entire length of their outside store front. And it said "We got Shiner" I was never happier.