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Thursday, February 12, 2009

AM I A FREAK? (Okay, I'm a freak....sigh.)

Some things that came up today. Well, and some from yesterday or the day before. Anyhow. So, my BB invites me to join her and Ms. Les for a movie a week from tomorrow. And, I literally laugh out loud to myself because she does read my blog -- she's the one who brought me to this awesome place to obsess in -- but, apparently, she missed the movie theater post! [Sorry, I'm laughing so hard I almost tee'd myself!] And, while I'm checking my email -- because I've earned my time as I have sealed all the granite today in the kitchen. And, then, polished it to a shiny luster. I also did some research online, hung the rest of the laundry and ran a few more loads, and made pink, heart shaped, chocolate chip rice krispie treats, with purple glitter sugar sprinkled on top, for the party at school tomorrow. 
Oh, and DH is picking up dinner so I'm running the "self-clean" cycle on the oven. First time since we got it a little over a year ago. [That's not to say I don't clean it.  Y'all know me. It's just that I forget it cleans "itself."] Anyhow, Lis shares that she is trying to finish up an article herself and it has to do with -- insects, more directly, bugs. Mean. Dirty. Stingie - not to be confused with stingy. Bugs and Insects. So, now, when I leave from my perch at Macxine in the office room where I have told the children "Momma' needs ten minutes to work before I come read my book I'm reviewing and watch you on the swing set tower..." I'm thinking that I will not be at peace if I don't go strip all the sheets from the beds in the house tonight and change them. Because, there was a bed bug in the video she sent me of nasty, stinging, venom filled critters. GASP! Do you know, I check the mattress seams and any frames or likeness on the wall in a hotel? Because I am fearful of being bitten by a bed bug. And, even worse, it's the fact that that particular bed bug bit someone else the night before. [HURL!] And, as Gary already recalls, I don't walk barefoot in hotel rooms. Seriously? People? They put carpet in there. Wouldn't it be so much nicer (and more sanitary) if they laid wood floors and area rugs? The floors could be easily disinfected after each night and the area rugs could be changed out and thrown into a disinfecting bath of some sort -- no, steam cleaning doesn't count. They don't do that as it is now. Crap. I'm all itchy. I'm going to have to take a freakin' shower after I finish this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, enough about what a freak I am. [Scratch, itch, germ-x application.] Yesterday, I had a meltdown. Oh yeah. I should vlog it. It was induced by a seven-year-old who found it completely "unfair" that he bring homework home...and, even more unfair, that he had to "do homework." Wake-up Call, Senior Hijo. School. IS. YOUR. YOB!!!! To which he says, in stupoured audacity, "What's YOUR JOB?? At which point, my halo began to tarnish. The horns begin to grow from my head and I begin to have an out of body experience where I can see what is happening. But, I can't control the situation. Though, while floating up at ceiling level, I am happy to report that I got to dust away that little cobweb min-long leg spider thought I wouldn't mind being there. ;-) [FREAK]


The Queen said...

The very first time I took the new ride to Wally world... a kid hit it with a cart.

The second time.. a little old lady slide on the snow and and laid her bumber right up on mine.. and left it that way..

When I came out I was sooooo mad.. I put it in 4 wheel drive.. and slide her car back into her own parking area... I not only put her where she belonged.. but I flat spotted her tires for the process..

The Queen said...

sorry slid.. not slide..

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I'd name the car Beyonce. :-)

Loved how you ripped into FJ. That is exactly what my Mom would say. Of course, he will become a devoted son as an adult, after he's done ripping your heart out as a kid. That's the way.

Oh, and please email/post on how to seal the granite and products -- been meaning to do mine for the last 2 years. Please, please. My borther said Restore works great.

Anonymous said...

"Candy-apple Red Rodeo" is running through my head right now!

I agree, white is a great color for looking clean... unless you get light gold, which hides the dust really well (can you tell which color I've got?)

I always wanted a Suburban named "Bubba" but that is not a girl name, lol.

How about "the MamaMiaMobile"?

I've gone ballistic on my kids a few times about "jobs" (theirs and mine). And then last year my youngest wrote that I stayed home and cleaned the house all day while he was at school. I read it on a day I'd done NOTHING all day long. *grin*

Anonymous said...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

RATS, what is wrong with my audio???? I can't hear you! Although you just talking and the expressions on your face and the little hand chops are pretty funny.
The way you talk about hotels? I doubt I will ever go anywhere ever again!!!!!

Tracey said...

Whoooo! You crack me up. And the word "britches" is just too Southern for me to not adore... :)

Farmer*swife said...

Tracey, Thanks for visiting! I'll have to go check out your place! :-)

Glad you enjoy'ed my Southern-isms!

kc Not Mama-mia. She is currently, as they all are, the "Mama-mobile. I tried to watch 'Mama-Mia' and didn't make two minutes of it...LOL!

Gary, you didn't get to hear me? Aw, that was half the fun!

Harry, the email has been sent. ;-)

Queen :-D

Krishna said...

okay, no movie for you but you can join us for lunch??
Yeah, we had that "what's your job mommy" and the "why do you get mad at me for not eating my lunch at school" conversation. the lunch this is because he would come home starving and wanting junk but then we'd open the lunchbox and its almost full! so i solved the first by turning off the tv one saturday while i did chores and made them help. Then we went to the store and spent over $200 and P was amazed i spent so much, $200 to a kid is like a million. And when I told him that $200 only lasts a couple weeks then i have to do it again i think he realized how much food costs and now he eats his lunch and surprise, he is not starving when he gets home!

are your kids off monday?

Lis Garrett said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh that bit about floating up to the ceiling and dusting the cobwebs - brilliant writing! And trust me, even though I own my own business, write, edit, clean the house, wash laundry, make dinner, etc., etc., etc., my family is still convinced I don't really do anything all day.

Okay, I've been extremely paranoid about bugs since writing that article and watching the slideshow. Ick. Last night, Jacob got out of his bed telling me he was all itchy. His skin was very red and welty, and then he showed me what looked like a bug (although I couldn't really tell). But having just written about bugs, of course that's where my mind went. Turns out his organic heat pack got a little rip in it, and all the grains started to spill out. They were all over in his bed! No wonder he was itchy. But at least it wasn't bed bugs!