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Friday, February 6, 2009

Mama Got a Brand New Ride!

Well, here it is.  My Anniversary and Valentines present from my Sweet DH.  Hubster is awesome, right?
So, is this little beauty.  I just love her!  I loved my 'Old Gal' too but she had a lot of mileage and child rearing and she was ready to retire to the nursing home.  
So, thus, my new Chariot.  I need a name for her though.  I've had difficulty coming up with one.  I want it sweet and classy but a little catchy and also to show a little of her personality.  And, she is a Mommy Mobile so she her name needs to reveal that a little too. If you have any ideas, please share. I'd appreciate it.
Happy FWFD Friday!!!!



Lis Garrett said...

N-I-C-E!!! Congrats on the new vehicle!

I would *love* to have On-Star. Each time I hear one of those On-Star commercials on the radio, I get chills bumps and almost start to cry. LOL! The thought of "what if?" totally scares me . . .

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

yea, congrats, LOVE IT!!! (your voice is so stinking cute!)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HA!!!!! I thought so!
Those kids of yours will be super comfy, won't they?
For your anniversary? A gift? I bet your husband sees your curly hair and those nicely painted nails and says YOU are the best gift he could receive today.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, a name for the ride? I was thinking Darlene.

Baseball Mom said...

Nice ride. ;^)

The Queen said...

hmm currently not available.. you may have to email me a pic cause the video says.. nopers.. not available... I'll check back later.. can we take it on Friday Froggin>???? that would be sweet.. a new ride.. wine... frogs... awesome..

Jay said...

VERY nice! Awesome anniversary and valentines present!

The Queen said...

So neat.. I got it to work... I'm so happy for you..

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!! I MEAN TOTALLY!! You are going to have a great time cruising in your New ride!!

I have to catch up on your blog! I have not been here in so long... FORGIVE ME PLEASE!!

I see the Family is doing good!!


tt said...

Well, how elfing awesome is that!!!!
But could you put a little more enthusiasm in your vlogs?? I mean, seriously

And isn't Gary the sweetest!
So do you name everything? We do. hahaha...
My car is 'Suzi-Suvee' and then there's 'Rambull'the Dodge truck...and "Kittie' the Cougar...we have an Ash tree we call Arthur,,( as in Arthur Ashe)..a Twisted Redbud tree called 'TR'..the list goes on and on...
fun stuff. :)
***don't forget to put a wee coin purse in there w/ a twenty inside it for emergencies***

Happy driving babe!

Krishna said...

I'm green with envy. i tried like hell to buy a new/used suburban last week but i would not come up to their prices so we got my tahoe fixed. maybe later in the year or next year. i love it!

Anonymous said...

WOWSA!! Lucky you!!

You could call her Vanna (for Vanna White)... but maybe that is better suited to a minivan (our first was given that name, even though it was a coppery-brown).

I have to spend time in a vehicle before I can name it. My minivan is named Betty. Or Betty-Olive. Or B'Olive. (last one was Olive, and I'm having a hard to remembering the name, LOL)