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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Hearts and Old Farts!

Yep!  Today's my Daddy's birthday.  I'm about to call him.  Though, I always have to do the clean up and morning emails, etc.
Betty Crocker shared this tid-bit with me this morning:
And, it reminded me that I am responsible for making about 50 heart shaped rice crispie treats (with mini m&ms) for Friday's school Valentine's Day party.  And, seein' as how it's Daddy's birthday and he lives twelve hours away in that Northerner state of Arkansas, I should probably make a few extra to ship to him too.
And, some sugar cookies.  (He likes the Pepperidge Farm kind with some peanut butter on top. I keep telling him I can make a better sugar cookie than Pepperidge Farm, but he doesn't believe me.)  I guess I could throw in some of those chocolate covered cherry candies I make with the kids too.
Oh, you don't know about those?  They are very simple and delecti-bi-ly delicious!  Want the recipe and the how to?  Click on over here and scroll down to the Article Entitled "Cooking With Kids on Valentines" written by none other than, Mwaw! :-)
On todays agenda is the duty of cutting out about 150 felt hearts of various sizes for the craft project at the party, which I am responsible for.  And, a dental appointment in town.  Sheeze, leave it to my teeth to throw a "hump" in the middle of my day.  But, I love getting my teeth cleaned.  No really, I do.
Friday is already gone.  The first half of the day will be a field trip to the University to see the play, "Hansel & Grettle."  Then lunch at the park (the one with all the darned bees buzzing around the trash cans.  I have serious issues with anything that can fly faster than I can run and that stings.)  
Then, back to the school for the party and games.
Hmmm.  How did all this sneak up on me.  I sware, wasn't yesterday Monday?  No wait.  It was that other day.  The one everyone forgets about.  Um, Tuesday.  Yeah, that's it.  Poor Tuesday.
With all of that important stuff  you just spent 15 breaths and one or two minutes of your time on -- I'm off to phone Daddy while cutting out hearts.

Happy Hump-Day (Diggity-Diggity).



Real Live Lesbian said...

Wow! All those cookies!!!!

I think I want you to be my mom. ;)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

northerner state of Arkansas! :snort, snicker:
well, north of some, south of others!
man, those people are lucky you're making all those fantastic cookies, heart shaped and all????

Prohomemaker.Com said...

When you wrote "I like getting my teeth cleaned," I wanted to say, "Freak." :-)

Good luck with all those hearts! That would send my carpal tunnel into a high gear.

Back to work for me too after a 15 min lunch break

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

Tuesday disappeared, complete with my WWC entry. I slept the entire day away. Now my dh is on a week of "leave" and heaven forbid I should be on the computer! Sheesh. I haven't even had the chance to read that Betty Crocker tidbit yet, and it was in my e-mail inbox, too.

I'll try to catch up and keep reading in the next week, but it will be sketchy.

kayla said...

Ya I think I want you to be my mom to! You have been a busy gal. I do hope you all are ok. We got out of the hospital and are getting re admitted this friday. They are going to put him to sleep and really anesthetize his esophagus and the situation with it,Just hoping things go well. Happy hump day.

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy :)

I'd love to hang out and bake with you! and drink a wee bit ;)

The Queen said...

Hey.. Queenie here... work is done.. only took out a couple sheep and a stray camel..PLAY DOUGH TNT is sooooo much fun...

I think I'm short a couple gators though.. I heard something about fried gator tail... and I'm not sure what that was all about.. but we got a couple put back in the moat..

I'm done.. it's updated.. a place for everything and everything in it's place..

Much more room in the castle for all the crap I have collected.. it's safe to go check it out..

have a great day...