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Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, I had this great funny post written. I know? Y'all are bored @$$ tired of my usual here lately. So, I finally have something worth spending your mind on readin' and your eyes on watchin' and your ears hearin'. And, if blogger didn't have friggin', bleepin, pie-hole issues and an error uploading the dang vlog part of the post.... AFTER.THREE+HALF+HOURS. Son of an-explicative! Explicative, and 'dare I say' STUPID EXPLICATIVE (fill in the rest, cuz you know I really said the words to myself). Fricken' blogger and it's friggin' errors, wasting my dang uploadin' time. Anyhow. I'm now waiting on it to load to You-Tube, where I have recently been advised that I have some "new viewers subscribing to my 'tube' subscription."  Though, I am flattered, I am still left a'wondering if these peeps are regular or foreign as in (shush, whisper) mental. But, since blogger can't handle a 5 minute upload via Macxine, I have to do the "You-Tube" embed thing. That sounds kinda' dirty when you think about it, right? Embed. Like when a friend tells you to read your fortune cookie note thingie and add the words, "in bed." And, they giggle real loud!? Yeah, it's only funny sometimes. Anyhow, while the oven was cleaning itself and the vlog was 'pretending' to upload to my blog, me and the kids tried something new. Wait! Y'all parentless readers, don't tune out or click away yet! I'm just entertaining you until the real show is loaded up for posting. I made up a new game; call it GAMBLING for SPELLING!! WHOOP! So, picture me, in the roll of a game show host and even doing the voice and all. Personally, I think I was more enthusiastic than Drew Carrey and I love him and he's doing great (though he's no Bob Barker) on the "Price is Right." wait, did I digress? no, I think I defined my point better, kay. back on track. We had a practice round where they got to "blindly choose a coin (while I jiggled so they couldn't feel the few quarters from the multiple pennies, nickels and dimes) when they spelled a word on their own correctly, or tried really hard without complaining and listened and learned Mama's tips and tricks to spelling and vocabulary. Second round. Try, spell, get it right -- earn a hand in the bag for a coin. Don't get it right, but want to learn the right way, try, and don't throw a fit or get peaved, and actually learn the word -- get a chance with hand-in-bag to draw a coin. And, so we went. THEY TOTALLY LOVED IT! IT WAS A FUN WAY OF TEACHING! IT WAS A WIN-WIN!!! And, I threw in the memory verse for the week for an extra 50 cents to which we developed a chant for. Mama Rocks! Spending $2.00 or plus a few dimes in change to teach and practice the school work verses the meltdown both Farmer, Jr., and I had yesterday? Totally worth it. i'll skip a meal if I have to. Which, you will learn about... once the video uploads to exploit-me-dot-com 'You-Tube' so I can in-bed "embed" it here.  So, stay tuned, y'all!
Editor's note:  The video vlog finally,, FI-Nal-LEE, loaded up at exploit me dot com, and how I love it's availability except for the peeps I don't know that sign up to watch me You-kinda'-rock-tube... so catch the post above.  Oh, wait.  Crap.   You probably already did. 
Timing.  Happy, whatever.... ;-



The Queen said...

Hey girlie.. checkin you out before I hit the sack.. wanted to tell you.. No need to alias me when you want to pimp me out... I'm out there... for better or worse...

so no worries girlie... pimp away..

I'm so stoked I won the book... I'm giddy...

but now i need to find out where to buy one.. No way Princess is gonna let Peanut have free rein on one that is autographed.. ain't gonna happen...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh the spelling game was a *great* idea. Kudos! Sounds like something my Mom would do.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Great game idea (we used to recite times-tables while playing card games)

Wait, this bleeping wind just blew my front door open (it was LATCHED!!)

Happy FWFD-Friday!

PS: Are you sure they weren't inviting you to a movie shown at home, with wine and seating on the sofa?

g-man said...

You're funny.

Debbie Yost said...

Uh huh, yeah, you don't cuss. :)

Have you ever checked into Window's Live Writer? I really like writing my blog posts from there and you can save the drafts if you have to come back. You aren't hooked to the internet. My only complaint is the photo's. Uploading them and getting them sized and aligned the way you want them is a pain and you can only upload one at a time, but you have lots more options on fonts so it's a good compromise.