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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holy CRAP! The Sky is FALLING!!

Austin today.  A big flash in the sky.  Turns out this big-pie super-sized piece of space satellite debris, happened to 'fall' from the sky.  The video of this so called, debris, shows it falling in a field just behind some big marathon they were having there.
[Austin is always having marathons.  They wear tennis shoes to work.  They are a breed better than some of us, I guess.  Though, the traffic is horid -- so, maybe the marathons are practice for commuting via bi-pedal to and from work; and, to and from anywhere else.]
Ahh, I joke.  Someone will curse me now and withdraw their follow'ership.  Please don't stop following me....Please?  I really need my peeps.
Anyhow, it now proves true.  Chicken Little knew of what he was speaking.  He was an old soul written in a decade too soon for his message.
Oh, the object?  Ap-paaaarently, an American government surveillance unit satellite accidentally crashed into a Russian government surveillance unit satellite, and the falling object was debris from this crash.
Um, really?  Have we already over-crowded space out there?  Or is it part of a conspiracy theory.  They're always watching.......Always.
Night!  Blog ya' Manana!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

The rain is opening up tomorrow here in sunny CA, expecting an inch. We are (as usual) freaking 'cause we have had rain 3 out of the last 10 days.

I guess it could be worse ... saw the falling satellite on the news tonight, too. (And my nephew lives in Austin) :-)

Jay said...

I kind of hate Austin. All those pretentious liberals driving gas-guzzling SUVs and stooooopid traffic. I get pissed off ever time I go there.

g-man said...

Um, I don't think any of that debris has made it to earth yet. They crashed at over 800Km in altitude. My satellite flies at 705Km and we have passed through the debris field yet. You can see all kinds of neat simulation video from .

P.s. I dont think Jay likes Austin.

The Queen said...

As you recall, the Queen's new SAHJ is air traffic control... I may have made a mistake,, or been on a smoke break when these two collided... sorry...

But the SAHJ union, requires I have a break.. and be damned the aircraft...let them eat cake..

Tink said...

I'm still going to wear my tinfoil hat... just in case. ;)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I LOVE AUSTIN even though I havn't been to Texas---those satellites? they're trying to figure out what's for dinner at YOUR house FW