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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Takes

It's 6:37. I wish it was 3:47, like often, and I could struggle to fall back asleep. But, no. That's just wishful day-dreaming. So, Tuesday kind of gets the shaft, right? I mean, most days have some special value on their own. But, not Tuesday. Tuesday's just stuck in the middle between Monday - which has a love-hate relationship with some people, and Wednesday - Hump Day. Even Thursday gets more credit because it's the day before Friday. The wind down to the week. And, Friday. Well, that's obvious. And, Saturday and Sunday get to be the whole weekend. Then, full circle, we return to Monday. Anyhow, I'm just sayin'. So, Sweet D is dropping off her DH and coming out. We are going to hit breakfast and then the Hobby Store. Picking up some stuff to make the invites for Jeph's Memorial Birthday Party. Every year, they have a gathering of his friends to reminisce about all the ways Jeph was so wonderful, and funny, and loving. It's amazing that someone so young had touched so many people. He really impacted his friends, without trying to do so. A lot of his friends are where they are today and happy within themselves, due to the affect he had on them. Guess what else... Knight will know this one. [It amazes me and flatters me that my Peeps who read me often remember the smallest of details about me. Y'all are awesome! :-D] Paper is on sale! Half off! It's been forever since I've hit a good paper sale. Since I haven't scrapped since early last summer and I didn't make Farmer, Jr's b-day invites, I've avoided paper. Because of practicality. But, today I have a good reason! And, you can bet that I'll pick up a few a whole bunch, a lot, tons extra pages for myself. ;-)  
Because I love paper.  Totally.  Patterns, shapes, colors, textures and craft-a-bility!  Sweeeeeet! I know. Sometimes I'm so trivial. The littlest things can bring me joy. I'm off! Don't forget about Tuesday. Pat it on the back and tell it you value it. Today, let's make Tuesday feel like it's more than just that lost day somewhere between Monday and Wednesday. Happy Tuesday!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Happy Tuesday to you too :)

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

speaking of paper, my girl's preschool teacher told us at a parent-teacher conference today that Mimi has a "love for art" and I need to fuel it. Great, I have no creativity at all, ha.

The Queen said...

I won a prize from Roots and Sprout..and you made the TWISTED BLOGGER NEWS...

good Tuesday... really good Tuesday... he he he

Dez said...

*SMOOCHES* ~ Sniff, Sniff