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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuff about Saturday....

I'm off today to the man with magic hands.  My Chiropractor.  My lower back has been down and I've just dealt with it, but yesterday morning I woke with neck out of line.  That is awful.  I can't turn my neck all the way and even I just jar it a little bit it sends a shooting pain.  And, when it gets like that it goes down into my left arm and my pinkie and ring finger get numb.  Sheeze, I've been on the downhill since I hit 36.
Anyhow, Dr. Fil will get me all straightened up again. ;-)
He's wonderful and I trust him.  I've always been fearful about my neck being "cracked" [YIKES!] but, he manages to calm me and catch me relaxed but off guard a little (so I don't fight the adjustment) and then?  
I feel so much better.  Really, really.
So, I have to say, in addition to twitterin' around -- I have found a few great websites via the twitter thing.  Some savy and thrifty and crafty peeps.
If you are saving money and sharing?  You are pretty much guaranteed a place on my blog roll these days.  Yes, I'm kind of horing myself out easy that way lately with everything else going on in the White House.
But, enough about that.  Y'all know I don't talk a lot of politics.  It does me no good to get all hyped up and panicked about something that is out of my hands for the moment.  This is when I sit back and take in the ride -- while doing my best I can from the seat I'm in.
Ramble-bamble, talkie-lottie -- here's another savings site: Craving The Savings.  I know a few bloggies who will be checking her out. ;-)
Tomorrow is the big debut of Root & Sprout's new layout and new, interactive venue!  We are all Super Excited!  Wish Lis and our Team luck!  It's the next big step.
This evening is the Celebration remembrance of Sweet D and Uncle J's Jeph.  There will be lots of his friends there along with us and D, J, and the Teacher.  The kids are staying at my Fab MIL's for the evening.
And, that's my Saturday -- in a nut shell. 
Off to dress and then I'll pop in for some blog reads before my appt.



kcinnova said...

I woke up with a sore back, but it's not a chiropracter thing (dh has gone to one a few times)... it means I need to stretch out on my exercise ball. For some reason, arching my back on that ball, with fingers and toes touching the floor and belly reaching for the sky... it does the trick.

Farmer*swife said...

kc, You are killing me! I couldn't do that...I'd break my back! It would um-pop what I just got popped back into place! LOL!

Stretching is good, but I couldn't arch over that ball. Nope. No way! So, good for you!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh no!!!! You have a jacuzzi, right? Please tell Farmer Sr to take care of the kids this evening and maybe you and big glass of wine can have a soak????

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Funny enough, I was scanning other "savings" blogs today, too -- funny how the info starts getting to be the same. But still got some great coupons.

Hope the get-together went well today. :-)