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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Things are changing around here at Farmer*s Wife's place!
As of today?  I am officially a soccer Mom!  Yep!   Whoop!  I was a T-ball Mom but it didn't stick with us.  Down here they are reeeeeaaaaaaally competitive with BaseBall.  So, if you sign up to play T-Ball they are thinking you are in it for the entire school career.
It didn't stick.  I think Farmer, Jr. is going to love soccer though.  There's more action going on all the time.  More running, more participation, and yes -- still, a cool uniform.  He and Lil'Gal attended a two week summer camp a few years back and he remembers it and is very anxious to begin.
He even expressed that he needs a net to practice his "goals."  Slow down, Cowboy, first you've got to learn to handle the ball.  Goals will come in due time, LOL!
So, changes.  That's chang-O numero Uno.  Gymnastics after school, change two kids and head to soccer practice.  Come home, kids bathe while I pop the casserole (I made two yesterday) in the oven for dinner.  Thursday, soccer practice again -- also homework, though, I think I'm going to change "Game Show Spelling" practice to Wednesday afternoons.
Friday, ahhhh, Friday's.  And, Sunday's are now, breakfast - church - CCD - soccer games.  New and fuller "pattern" as the kids say.
Change #2:
I'm resigning from my Kiwanis club.  I've been a member for twelve years now.  We do a lot for less fortunate kids in the community and nursing homes and other stuff.  I love the members, but something has to give a little because I don't like going through life knowing one day I'm going to wish I had stopped and smelled that rainbow rose.
So, I'm going to take a leave of absence for a year and then see where my schedule and life is.  
Change #3:
Did you see my new badge at the top of my blog?  Did ya!?  Aw, come on.  Tell me you look around sometimes and see when I've changed some stuff up.  Anyhow, it's the new trademarked logo for the new and improved Root & Sprout venue to be revealed in March!
Change 4, quatro:
I plan to get a devotions book today.  Because, I used to always say my prayers and give my thanks and my burdens over to the good Lord at night.   For quite awhile now, I tend to shout out a thank you here and there and make up for the rest on Sunday mornings.  
Lately, I'm up doing whatever and everything until I just lay down and pass out.  Like last night with Farmer, Jr.  As blessed as I am?  I think I can do better than that.  The Big Guy upstairs deserves a few minutes a day from me.
I woke up at 3:am this morning (hang on, weather is on and we need rain).....Phewpt.  I didn't see any rain on there.
So, where was I.  Oh, yeah.  WIDE.EYED.AWAKE.  I considered blogging this post, and making the kids lunches though I like to keep the house peacefully quite and still in the middle of the night.  I refilled my water cup, hit the loo as is typical at 3:am, and went to join DH in our room.
DH snored, what's new, and then I listened as he had little bouts of sleep apnea.  It always scares me.  He finally started breathing about normal snore-to-breath ratio, so I headed to the couch.  And, I lie there.  I knew if I just got up and stayed up I'd be worth poo the second half of the day -- and we have gymnastics and soccer now.
Finally, I went back to Farmer, Jr's room and did the drift in-and-out of sleep in anticipation of 5:30.  Of course, the whole time that song was in my head, "Anticipation....An-tic-i-pA-A-tion" from the Heinz commercials.
Well, it's about time I paint my face into another masterpiece and make some lunches.  After the kids get off, I'm headed into town - the big city.  For errands and stuff.  :(
And, then I have to write my last article for my EDITOR that's due by Friday :-D
Happy Tuesday!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

DUE FRIDAY!!!! You're busy this week.
I don't know much about soccer, but there are a couple of things I appreciate. First, ANY child can give it a try, no matter how big or small. And second, it involves a lot of running, as you say, which is fantastic exercise for people. And isn't it nice both of your kids can try it?

Baseball Mom said...

Cool beans on soccer. I know what you mean about smelling the rainbow rose. I think sometimes I need to stop. But then I think only 4 more years. :)

Question? Do you all play year round baseball? Kid wishes he lived where it stayed warm enough to play year round. Popped in thy head I wonder if around your neck on the woods they play year round.

My kid would love to live with you. He would have Field of Dreams up in a heart beat.

What the hell is he doing?

He is plowing under his corn ..


The Queen said...

#1. soccer mom? don't forget the lipstick.. sorry.. that was my favorite all time line from the elections.. she was awesome..

#2. Lizzy is sending you the rainman.. but you have to believe..

#3. Your life is good, you need to learn to relax and sleep.

#4. I love the new logo button..

#5. Have I told you how proud I am of you? Well I am very proud of you,, I want to be you in my next life.. I'm just saying..

g-man said...

I feel for you. There never seems like there are enough minutes in the day. I also have sleep apnea, I have a CPAP machine that keeps me from snoring, keeps me from stopping breathing, and keeps me awake with the stupid hose, or worse, the seal breaks and blows air in my eye.

I like the devotional idea. I amy have to borrow that.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I smiled when you had the second casserole ready to pop in. I am doing that with chicken divan tomorrow, 'cause I know next Friday I won't be home till 5 or 6 and would prefer a gin and tonic by then to making dinner. :-)

I feel for you on the snoring. I am the culprit in this house.

Good luck with the writing article, and I posted a great meatloaf glaze tonight. Oh, and will send you a private note for a free sample of new Starbucks instant coffee!

Anonymous said...

Smart of you to give something up there, FW. I know you love your Kiwanis group, but sometimes something's gotta give.
Where we came from, EVERY sport was serious, and if you didn't get into it as a preschooler or Kindergartner, you were too late to be competitive. And everything was competitive. So after a few years, my kiddos gave it up, and we got our weekends back! (I might have a bad attitude there.)

I've got a sleep study scheduled for tomorrow night. Sounds like your dh needs one! Sleep apnea is not something you want to mess around with.