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Friday, February 27, 2009

Red Wine Pill. They make one!

Got your attention, huh?  I can hear your thoughts running wild, "A Red Wine pill?  Does it taste good with steak? Does it relax you?  Does it contribute to better health and that whole red wine/heart thing?  Does it give you a hang-over?  Does it come in Merlot or just Cabernet?
Let's talk about this devine pill that has encapsulated Red Wine.  
Doesn't it seem somewhat unfair?  The French get all the fattening foods, all the red wine they desire, and they are overall healthier than Americans?  While we run on treadmills like gerbils running on a wheel, they are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those of us here in Northern American Continent.
This is known as the "French Paradox."
But, guess what!?  This paradox now comes in a pill.  Yes, a PILL!  A Red Wine Pill.
Now I know, y'all are chomping at the bit with wonderment about how it works.  I'll tell you how it works.  Part of this "French Paradox" involves a little thing known as "resveratrol" which is found in red wine.
Dr. David Sinclair, from The Harvard Medical School, developed a concentrated form of this little substance.  He's tested it on mice.  Fat mice, skinny mice, energetic mice and lazy mice.
Some findings in a nut shell:  the mice that took resveratrol were less likely to be hindered by the onset of diabetes even if the mice were gluttons.  You want to know what else?  I'll tell you what else.
Another Doctor in France showed that an ordinary mouse could run one kilometer on a treadmill. But mice given resveratrol ran twice as far and had a slower heart rate, similar to trained athletes. As Dr. Auwerx remarked, "Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training."
Um, yes Sir, I would like me some of that!  
One of the doctors believes that the resveratrol "generates energy in the body's cells" which increases fat burning, and we all know what that means?  Less weight gain.  Apparently when examining muscle fibers in the mice the resveratrol "remodeled" the muscle fibers into those typically found in trained athletes (the human kind).

Um, wine AND a new body make-up in a PILL?  Have they really found it?  The answer to all our health questions.  I'm wondering if they might find an Economy Pill?  Hmmmm, it could happen, right?  Okay, maybe that would be a stretch.  Shouldn't push our luck right.

Other scientists believe that enzymes, such as sirtuin, keep the body healthful in youth, but become less powerful with age. They claim that resveratrol restores the activity of these enzymes.  [I plagiarized that last sentence directly from the article.  Don't tell, okay?]

WAIT!  Before you run out to the nearest store and buy up all their merlot, cabernet, and other red varieties you'll want to know this.  You would have to drink 1,500 bottles of red wine daily to get the same amount of resveratrol that was given to mice. Man, can you imagine the headache and repercussions from that?  I don't even think that is possible.

Thus, the alternative.  The Red Wine Pill.

Where do I get this "wonder wine" pill Farmer*sWife??  Well, I'll tell ya' where you get it.  

You get it at the Nutrition Store or the Vitamin Store.  But, arm yourself with this information so you don't get cheated with a not so worthy wanna' be.  We want all the resveratrol we can get packed into one pill.

Studies show some brands provide only small amounts of resveratrol.  According to the book, "The Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements," which analyzed and rated 500 vitamin products, "No company hit the perfect score 100. One company Vitamin Research Products was 93.1." That product, "Extension Resveratrol", also contains some other stuff that's good for the body and works with the resveratrol.

If you want to get "Extention Resveratrol" got to (Vitamin Reseach Products).

All this talk about wine is making me thirsty.  It IS Friday.  But, I think I'll save the wine for later and get me a large glass of iced tea.
Happy FWFD!!!! 



kcinnova said...

I'll take an economy pill. Esp. for Tink & Hoop. Layoffs suck.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Then again, you could have that wine, in a glass...... :)

Farmer*swife said...

But Gary, then you'd have to drink 1500 bottles a day to equal the one pill.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

(gulp, gulp, gulp)


kate et jim said...

Hey Farmers Wife - It's us Kate & Jim, over from Gary's blog.

Just want you to know that we drank 1,500 bottles of wine - vs - taking the pill! It was much more fun! ;)