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Sunday, February 15, 2009

What the TWITTER!?

Yeah, so I joined "Twitter."  And, honestly, I don't know what the twit I'm doing over there.  But, it's part of the big grand scheme of things, so I've been told.  So, I'm there.  Hey?  I got an idea!  Why don't you click the title to this blog post and go join me over there!
Or, maybe just "follow me?"  :-)  Cuz' you know how much I love ego poofs!  
Anyhow, there is supposively a tutorial.  That I obviously need to watch.  Since when did I become tutorial material?  I mean, really?  *sigh*
Anyhow, Valentine's turned out fanstastic!  And, we didn't even make the cupcakes with the kids.  They had so much fun just running rampart and wild and playing that they never even stopped long enough to do it.
Though, Lil'Gal of course, inquired as everyone was leaving (at 11:30 pm), "Um, what about the cupcakes?  You saaaa-ed we were going to make cupcakes."  Thus, we are currently in the process of making a sugar hazard out of my kitchen decorating cupcakes.
The steaks DH picked up were -- wait for it -- Legendary!  No, not awesome.  Le-gen-dary!  Over an inch thick, and inch and a half, I think?  Ribeyes.  YUM!  We visited with our friends and just had a swell, peaceful, joyous time.  And, no fights amongst any child.  Five children ages seven, six, five and two twin four-year-olds.  Not a peep other than happy screams and lots of silly laughter.  Sweet Febreeze!
So, my Gmail is not loading.  AAUGGHGHGHGH!
Yeah, total freak out for me.  What a life-line, huh?  Just checked again.  Still down.  I'm gonna' have to holler at TG cuz' I just can't function this way.
What else, what else, what else.  Oh, did I mention that I joined Twitter?  Yeah.  I'm so totally clueless over there!  So, you should come.  Just pretend to follow me, okay?  Just click the follow me thingie under my picture at my profile and then you don't have to read anything I put there.  :-D
I just need the poof.  Cuz' my Yahoo inbox has been quite depleted the last five hours as well.  No bueno.
Alright, well tomorrow begins a brand new week and I'll be adding another title to my repetoire of Mommy-ness.  I'll fill ya' in manana!
Well, gotta Twitter!  Cupcake clean-up, dinner, children, hubby and all!
Happy Sunday!  Don't Twitter it away!  (Unless you stop by my place). :-D


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The Queen said...

Sorry babe.. been cleaning house so I can watch BIG LOVE tonight..

I am Queenie249

on twitter... find me..follow me... and I'll get ya in all kinds of trouble..

I'll help you find the other bloggers there... we twitter..

It's just one liner... what the hell ya doing right now stuff.. and if you follow the right people.. it's too funny...