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Sunday, February 22, 2009

We WON!!!!

First soccer game today after only two practices....and, you know it's all about fun, as my seven-year-old soccer player tells me, the Hubster and Lil'Gal.  So, it doesn't matter if we win or lose unless we win!  Then, it TOTALLY matters!
We left this morning at 8:30 and didn't walk back in until almost 4:pm this afternoon.  Sunday's are going to be long days for awhile.  It's a short season though.  Farmer, Jr. likes soccer and more than T-ball.  He's more active and not bored half the time.
Me too!  I was luuuuvin' being a soccer Mom!  I played women's league in the off seasons when my cousin was in high school so we could do something together.  It was totally fun for a few years until I tried to take on a Gal twice my size and she injured my knee.  I still got the ball first, though! :-)  
Well, I have tons to do!  Lis layed out the article line ups and we have our schedule of articles through fall, almost.  So, in an effort to stay ahead, I'm going to send out my HARO's for my April articles and try and get those kicked-to-the-curb in the next two weeks.  Then, I can work on one article a week to stay ahead for the rest of the months.  ;-)
That waaaaaay, if something comes up unexpected I dislike unexpected, unplanned, or unplanned spontaneity, I'll be able to handle it more efficiently without a meltdown.  
So, here's how my week is laid out:
Sunday:  Layout tomorrow; make to-do list, (taco salads for dinner)
Monday:  morning:  two notary jobs in the city; a third might be scheduled for an hour and 1/2 round trip out of town. Bill them for money  :-D
4:pm Meeting with CCD Director and other teacher to line out the spring classes and First Communion.
5:30 pm:  soccer practice.  I volunteered to help the coach with running drills, etc, and she was happy to have me offer. :-)  [Gotta get that resignation into my Kiwanis club....]
7:pm eat dinner at home, hot and on the table, kids bathe, homework, read to kids, bedtime.
Tuesday:  Add:  make 2 pound pot of beans for future meals.  4:pm Gymnastics, home and dinner, kids bathe, reading and bed time.  (Ham, baked potatoes, veggies)
Wednesday:  10:am call from a PR rep with a new website I signed up for to obtain information and also to Root about Root & Sprout as I'm forever trying to help build readership and participation there. :-) (Chalupas)
Thursday:  Make two pineapple upside down cakes; one for Uncle J's birthday and one for Jeph's b-day celebration.  I offered to make them so Sweet D didn't have to order them.  I just hate to see people spend all that money when it can be made for a third of the cost. :-)
And,> it's somethin' nice I can do to help.
5:30 soccer practice, home at 7:pm, dinner, baths, homework, reading, bedtime. (Italian Delight casserole; already in the freezer from last week) ;-)
Friday:  FWFD of the week!  (Fried fish)
I'm planning to fit the treadmill in during the day at least three to four times this week. ;-) Spring is coming!
In the meantime, I'll be working on laying dinners for hot meals the nights we get home late, working on articles, working on stuff and crafts for the Easter Party at School, of course, housekeeping, and some time to blog-off for a while.  
I'll be back -- I hope tonight -- to post a few pics of my Soccer Player!  
Happy Sunday Y'all!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I'll take some of that chalupa and pineapple upside down cake too!
And isn't it fantastic your son likes soccer and they had a good game!

Anonymous said...

Pineapple upside-down cake....YUM!

Sounds like soccer nights will be crockpot nights?

Chatty said...

Congratulations to the team! Just reading your schedule made me think I need a nap - you are a dynamo! And, what is Italian Delight casserole? I'm thinking it sounds interesting, especially as evidently it freezes well...

Baseball Mom said...

Congratulations on the win. :) Sounds like a busy week.

Jennybean said...

Busy busy busy...

but yay for FJ!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yeah I am curious on Italian Delight, too!

Busy thing you are!