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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Kids 'Hooked' on Fish for Lent

For those of you who are Catholic and practicing, here's a great link.  The recipes and tips are for kids but some of them sound quite yummy for ME!  Happy Ash Wednesday!
Get Kids 'Hooked' on Fish for Lent
FYI, I was able to send this to blog directly from PRNewswire!  Fantastic site and my new place to find resources, experts and the latest, up the 30 minute update of news and releases for article writing -- and for life, in general too!


1 comment:

Debbie Yost said...

Thanks for the tip. We've been eating fish a lot more around here anyway so I can cook it better now that lent is here. I love fish, but we used to never buy it because it was kind of expensive. Then lent would come and I'd buy all this fish and didn't know what was good or not and not how to cook it. Not always a good combo. Diva really doesn't like fish, so I'm not optomistic with her, but I'll give it a shot. At least the rest of us can enjoy it and she can eat her beloved PB&J