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Sunday, February 15, 2009

BLT: It's the new DIP!

Oh yeah. Have I got a recipe for you! For all of you. Everyone will love it. Well, except my poor G-man the Potter's Blog cuz' he's a bacon free man. Well, meat free entirely. Hey, do they make a vegan bacon? Seriously? They make everything else. How cool would that be?! :-) So, I know you will all love this tid bit of a recipe that your friends will just "rave" over. But, for some reason I have it in my mind that JayMan and Pro-Hmkr would find especially enticing! :-) Anyhow, make your friends mouths drool. You ready? It's fantastic and yet so Super Simple. Okay, all you have to do is read my last two posts and I'll give you the recipe. - - - - - - - Just kiddin! Y'all know me better than that. BLT Dip* I recommend you [at least] double this, if you are having a small gathering over. 1 cup sour cream (you can use the light and no one will be the wiser; don't use fat FREE. Yuck)
1 cup mayonaise (I h-a-t-e mayo. It makes me sick to my stomach, but some recipes just don't work with Miracle Whip) Oh, they do have light mayo now, so that's a plus. :-D
1 lb bacon; cooked crisp (bake it in the oven in a foil covered pan with a lip) :-)
2 chopped tomatoes (more if you like more) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ crumble bacon; I pulse it through the food processor mix bacon, mayo and sour cream fold in chopped tomatoes right before serving Serve with tortilla chips, wheat thins, saltines, veggie crackers, fresh vegetables, etc. It's yum with anything! You're Welcome! * Recipe from Gooseberry Patch: appetizers, Booklet #5



Anonymous said...

sounds yummy, thanks for sharing!! don't be sad if you don't see me on twitter. I don't do it. I have enough online profiles; don't need one more!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

That does sound good.

Hmm, just wondering ... maybe you could do it like a layer dip (aka, like that 7 layer taco dip) ... Hmmm, my creative brain is going.

Oh and you are *so* right on low fat sour cream and mayo -- they work great. But you are *so* right about no fat sour cream -- it's caulk in a plastic cup.


Baseball Mom said...

Happy Monday!!

Nice recipe. Thanks for sharing. :)

g-man said...

You mean Gary-man?

For the record I can eat my weight in bacon.

HA! my "word verification" was NESCAR" the new NASCAR

Farmer*swife said...

g-man, sorry for duplicating your name! I often refer to Gary as Big G Daddy but someone mentioned that the name could carry an alternative definition? Or something. :-)

FYI, the Hubster can eat his weight in bacon too!

FYI, BLT dip on toast for breakfast is yummy! DH didn't think so, but my tummy sure did!

The Queen said...

yes, they make vegie bacon.. I have had it.. not too bad...

HOWEVER that being said.. I AM A BACON WHORE.. I love bacon.. be damn the heart... I love bacon...REAL BACON FROM REAL HOGS FED OUT ON REAL CORN... type bacon... fried in lard if you please...

oh.. yea.. so trying this recipe...

C said...

MMmmmMMM sounds good

Anonymous said...

Oh, YUM!!!

My cardiologist does not thank you.
But I do!