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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I had to squeeze in my vlog but it was necessary to this post! :-D :-D That's a double big-toothed grin! Boy, do I wish the real smileys worked in my posts (I don't want to hear it "wordpress" peeps! LOL) So, I'm half-@$$ watchin' the game while serving up a tasty, healthy dinner, and the clean up that goes with. And, I promised the youngins I'd bake some cookies tonight in honor of "Super Bowl" Sunday -- of which they really have no clue. DH is all layed up because the "Stomach Funk" finally hit him. Oh, sure. He's been whimpering around the past day or so. But, he wasn't feeling nearly as ill as I. Though, he was acting like it. And, I was peeved to myself thinking, "Where the h3!! is my sympathy." I couldn't go more than 30-45 minutes without two back to back trips to the latrine. Oh, and that was the GOOD 45 minutes...the average was much worse. AND, though starved? Heaven forbid I eat something. Meanwhile, he whimpers about how bad he feels all achy and such as he's putting all the yum-yum of good food in his mouth. So, NO. He wasn't feeling as bad or as low as me.....YET. >:-}} [That's my evil grin. I know, I'm so bad. But, I felt really crap-pie.] Today? I wake somewhat unsteady but feeling better as the day ages. I eat breakfast with the morning Church crew at our taco-ria and it's fabulous. Though, the guts did decide to over digest some of it sooner than expected. But still....yum....real food. And, tasty. Church. CCD. DH picks us up. He looks somehow different? I think, he's even changed his shirt? Whatever for? Me: "You look different. You feeling Ok? And, what happened to your shirt? DH: Nope. I feel.....baaaaaaad. And, about the shirt. Don't ask. [Seriously, once he told me the entire story? It's soooo much worse than you could ever think or imagine.] Me: To myself and out the passenger window, ">:-D Big-Toothed-Grin. I know, I'm bad!" But, I felt vindicated. Serves him right. I'd been tellin' him, "I wouldn't eat that" for the past two meals but he did it anyway. So, he finally got a taste of the "true stomach funk." Poor Fella'. Sure, you know I AM taking good care of him because that's what I do. And, I totally hate okay, not toootally hate to see him feeling so bad. But, now in a perfect world I know he realizes just how much I still did around here when I felt so....pee-U-ny. This video is having some [stupid] technical difficulties. Check back later.... And, what's up with the Super Bowl commercials this year? Is it just me? Or, are they not funny. Maybe it's cuz I'm not beer-nebriated that I'm not getting them. Although, the Coca-Cola one with the insects stealing the bottle of coke and the butterflies pretending to replace it? That was good. And, Tony-the-Tiger is pretty cool for building all those baseball fields for the kids. Otherwise? I didn't really care much for them. But, there are still a few more to come. So, hey? Maybe the media will surprise me -- you think? [Yeah, I'm already gearing up for the after-news rerun of "Charlie." That, I know, is a gauranteed laugh.] :-) Anyhow, Happy Super-Bowl Sunday! And, may tomorrow be a Super Monday!



Dual said...

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Tink said...

Don't you hate when you trudge through being sick with no babying and then your significant other gets sick and it's the end of the world? Somedays I want a wife. :)

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

WHAT A GAME!!! Go steelers!

Jay said...

Men are wusses when it comes to being sick. Except me, of course. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This year the whole family was healthy for Super Bowl festivities. Last year, not so much. No Fun.

Dez said...

We'll just have to make our own Champagne party when y'all get well and I can come out!
MY favorite commercial was "The Snow globe". That was just TOO FUNNY!!
Remember? 2 men talking, one has a snow globe, looks into it and says I forsee that we will get free fritos today. Then he up and throws the Snow globe into the vending machine? HAHA Then he says I forsee a Raise today, then he hits his boss in the Nutts? (Ok, sometimes I have a "child's sense of humor").
DH said he was sending a memo out that no snow globes were allowed in the office. LOL!!!