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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Childhood Flashbacks: 5th Grade Talent Show.

So last night, I dreamt.  Which means I slept pretty well!  :-)
I dreamt that my brother, The Teenager, went to a Jonas Brother's concert along with Lil'Gal and my niece.  Only Lil'Gal and my niece (they are seven weeks apart in age) were 15 and The Teenager was 16 or 17.  
I don't know.  Dreams, huh?
So, I think I had something to do with getting the tickets but I didn't get to go....Right.  Like I would send off two 15 year-old teenage girls to a concert and let The Teenager drive them all.
Again, it was a dream.  Some of y'all are probably wondering why in the world The Teenager would want to go to a Jonas Brothers' concert.  Um, Girls, of course!  All the teenie-bops will be there!
So, they get back and he's disappointed with the concert, of course.  [Though, he does like their music.]  Anyhow, enough of all that.  That was the excitement of my dream life last night.
But, for whatever reason it brought back the memory of the 5th Grade Talent Show.   
Me and a friend did a music skit/dance for the 5th grade talent show.  I also entered under piano playing but I, of course, didn't have lessons like the spoiled kids that got everything other two entries.
I played a bible tune I'd learned for church.  They played Mozart and Bethoven (or however, you spell it).
Anyhow, Chrissie and I wore my Aunts old cheerleader uniforms that were red and white.  We had red and white pom-poms, the old fashioned kind.  Big, fat, and poofy.  :-)
We did a fantastic job of choreographing and it seemed everyone loved us at the talent show.  The teachers were doing the judging so afterwards we changed and all went back to class.  I remember the boy I had a crush on (for years) kept messing with me and pulling on my pig-tails.  [They were left in from the performance.]
My teacher told me that he liked me....that's why boys did that.  I think that he did, but he was a "cool kid" and I was still dorky due to living with Gramm and the low money thing.  I remember my stupid hand me down tennis shoes.  Gosh, I would never put my child in shoes like that to go to school.  They were UGLY....old, beat-up, and totally "un-cool."
I also remember that all the other kids who took their lunches got fruit roll-ups.  Gramm said if I wanted fruit I could take figs from her fig tree.  Figs?  Seriously?  Nasty.
Oh, and she would buy up those 19 cent McDonald hamburgers on Sunday after church and freeze them.  THAT...was my lunch.  By the time lunch time came around it was a nasty, soggy mess, and still cold in the middle.  Blech!  Hurl.
No wonder I wasn't a "cool kid" back then.  Talk about stifling my childhood social life.   I was never demanding but Gramm could have done a little better.  She was okay financially.  Just super tight.  You're feeling sorry for me now, huh?  Just a little.
 Eh, I'm better off without them.  I know where a lot of them are today -- and My Life ROCKS! compared to them.  Who's the "Cool Kid" Now?  :-D
Anyhow, I had a headache.  And, I told my teacher so.  She whispered in my ear, "I bet I know something that will make your headache go away....y'all won 1st place!"  Sweeeeeeeet!
Totally Awesome!  Blue Ribbon and everything.  For a few days, Chrissie and I were COOL.  We were awesome.  Unfortunately, we didn't rehearse enough before the finals that we were selected to participate in.  So, we goofed a little.  Still cute, but we didn't win again.
Anyhow, this is what we danced to:
Toni Basil would have totally eaten her heart out because we rocked it way better than her!
You know this got you pumped for your Wednesday~  Have a Happy One!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

FW, I once heard a poet say he had been unlucky to have a good childhood----meaning that if you start off at the top, adulthood can be dissapointing. The opposite point, of course, is that if you have a difficult childhood and then shake it off and strive for better, adulthood is a whole lot easier and you feel happier, because you are doing better.
Betcha it was a great show you guys did!

Farmer*swife said...

Gary, Nail on the head, one hit, full immersion. :-) Thanks!

And, yes, we were AWESOME!

Kelly Dawn said...

doncha love those memories? I had a friend tell me just two days ago...that she had just told her husband - did you ever imagine wayne and kelly where they are now?

nope none of us did...including our families...HA showed you!


Prohomemaker.Com said...

There is *no* way I can watch that video because that song will stick in my head for days!

Great story.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

FW, of course that doesn't mean I think kids benefit from a bad childhood, but you know, a little struggling sometimes, a little testing yourself leads to some learning and growth, right?

Tink said...

Frozen hamburgers?! BLECH. I want to go back in time and make you bentos.