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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pondering Greatness...Okay. Not really.

Some things about Saturday.
The clerk at the hobby store let me check out twice so I could use two of the 40% off coupons.  I had my item and an item for Sweet D and the coupon expires today -- and Sweet D had to go to Austin as the FIL is not doing well in the hospital. 
So I told the clerk as much and she let me check out twice.  Nice!
At the grocery store today, I got those scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner refills for 62 cents for my Fab MIL! They usually cost $3.87 cents.  Sweeeeeeet She's gonna' love me for it!
Um, oh.  Also at the grocery store.   I saw a nice lady and she had chosen Triscuits and was looking for another option by the same manufacturer to add to her cart.  I had two, $2.00 off, coupons for 2 boxes (variety of choice) of snack crackers.  
So, I said to her, "Here, you take these because I can't use them." She smiled brightly, and then chose two more varieties of snack crackers for her cart.  I just saved her $4.00.  :-)
The clerk at the register typed in every coupon via code over-ride -- rather than just scanning bar code which is sometimes rejected when combining coupons -- so that every coupon counted!  :-D  I saved $20.22 cents.  I got airwick room freshener for 42 cents a piece.  And, lots of other great cleaning stuff.
You know what my favorite isle(s) is in the grocery store?  Yep.  The cleaning isle.
My BB emailed me that she got whole cut up chicken and other meat (from the good place) for $2.00/pound.  She offered for me to "meat shop" at her house!   Again, Sweeeeeeet!
My knees are skinned up and my palm has a cut and my other palm also has a scrape.  Get your minds out of the gutter.
Last night, after a nice family dinner with me, DH, and the youngins, we were all walking back to the 'awesome new Mommy-mobile.'  [Still considering names for her so pitch them to me if you have any good ones.]  The Hubster and Farmer, Jr. were about 10 - 15 feet ahead of us, because they are such gentelmen and all (NOT).
Me and Lil'Gal are happily enjoying conversation together and looking at each other and suddenly, WHOOOOP!  BAM!  We both hit the ground due to a slighted curb in the side walk.
Do you want to know what my "Knight-in-Shining Armour" said to us?  [You do.]
Rather than running right over, he stops at the sound of my "OMG!" and Lil'Gal's crying and says, "You didn't seeeeeee that curb there? "  Yes Honey, we saw it and thought how much fun it would be to fall face first without warning into the asphalt.  Afterall, it's Friday and me and Lil'Gal were looking for something wild to do.  It was obvious that either of us did not.  [He can be quite humorous but this wasn't the time.]
He'd just lost all brownie points earned for the night.  He did come over after that, well, and after I said, "You just gonna' stand there?  You know you could help us up and ask if we are okay."
He's usually not so....obtuse?  Does that word fit here?  I don't have my thesaurus in front of me.  But, I have been peeved with the fact that he no longer waits for me/us.  He just takes off on his way.
Where are the days when he actually opened the door for me?  Seven years ago.  That's where they are.  And, I know loading children in and out causes a loss for some chivalry.  But, this walking ahead of me and Lil'Gal ain't gonna' fly anymore.
I told him that he "had" good manners with Ladies and that he is setting the example for Farmer, Jr.  And, this walking ten feet ahead of us is disrespectful.  Besides, if he would have been holding MY hand with one of his, I would have tripped but I wouldn't have hit the pavement.  And, neither would have Lil'Gal.
I'm just glad that Lil'Gal didn't get hurt.  Though, my knee is scraped and bruised.  And, both my palms are quite sore and raw.
I love him and he's a great Guy, great Provider, great husband, great Daddy, but he's still human and he's still.... A guy.  Men.  Gotta' love'em.  :-)
So, gripe session over.  I just wanted pity for my wounds.  On to more good news and Super-Saturday stuff:
Got the book in I'm 'sposed to review for Root & Sprout for March and started reading it and it's good!  I like it!  It's an easy and educational read!
And, today, I received two more books from another source for one of my April articles I pitched.  They look good too!  I hope to get to write a review for them both.  And, they might even be offered as freebies via the GiveAway section at R&S!  So, be on the look out.
Oh, interesting fact.  Did you know that Lis and her hubby's anniversary is the 5th, and me and the Hubster's is the 6th and that we have both been married for ten years this month.
When I woke up this morning?  The Gremlins hadn't hit.  My house was still nice and spit-shined!!  I'd polished it up a little extra yesterday because our builder had asked if he could bring a client by to see our home and his work.  [He has other clients and houses he could take them to, but they were looking for something like ours and -- he knows my house is almost always shining!] 
I told him I'd have the place spit-shined and polished, to which he stated, "Farmer'sWife?  On a dirty day for you, your house is cleaner than any other house I've been in."  Me:  :-D  He totally poofed my ego.  And, I was sure to share that with DH.  Maybe I'll be up for a raise.  Well, after the Mommy-mobile is paid off.
Lastly, the Hubster went to the movies today.  I know, by himself.  But, we didn't have a sitter and I really don't like movie theaters.  I have several legitimate reasons.  Okay, a few not so legitimate.  If you are curious then leave me a comment and I'll post about it.
He fought the crowds, paid a rediculous amount of money and is sitting for two hours in a very uncomfortable seat to view something that will be out on DVD and cable in three months.  I'll wait.  But, I hope he has a good time.
I know I am.  Doing...well, whatever I feel like.  :-D  Off to help Farmer, Jr. with his lego system he's building and then I'm going to curl up and read my new book for my review~!
Happy Super-Saturday.  What are you pondering about?



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

You and Lis were married a day apart, is that true? That is tremendously cool!
Both you and your house are always perfect, that's easy to see. My cat was sleeping on the stove in the kitchen again today----we try to keep the house clean, but let's just say maybe he has other ideas...
as for the tripping on the curb? Oh my. I won't say a thing. Maybe I will. No I won't.
You and movie theaters? I am guessing you don't like the noisy people, the germy seats, the squishy floors, the public toilets, the gum on the armrest. Maybe I have gotten to know you a little bit? Or maybe you don't like the idea of locked up in a theater and fires? Or like me, you don't like crowds much?

The Queen said...

FW.. I always have lots of coupons for stuff I never use... and the Princess gets the same coupons so she doesn't need more..

You have my email address.. let me know where to mail them and I'll mail you coupons when I get the Sunday paper.. if you want..

I have some right now that will expire the end of Feb-the first of March..

V8 soup $1.00
Baush and Lomb $3
Bic razors $2
Solie Razors $2
tooth paste, blistex, zantac,chicken, warma dn serve.pedia lax

plus whatever is in tomorrows papers... let me know..

nO,, I rarely use coupons anymore.. has to be a really good savings to remember to dig them out of my purse..

Farmer*swife said...

Gary, you do know me quite well, huh?

Queen I had for you to waste quarters but I do love me some coupons!

And, I know I probably seem extremely unappreciative about my wonderificcally awesome gift from my Hubby. And, I do love and appreciate him.

And, it's not his fault we fell. But, still. Following many feet behind sometimes leaves me less of the team?

But, I do admit. I'm a lucky Gal. Lucky to be spoiled so. :-) I *heart* my Hubby! :-<3