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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's So TALENTED!!!

Lookie what she made me! Isn't she so super sweet! Talk about a totally terrific award for lil'ol Me. wtf249 I'm puttin' this puppy in my side bar! And, if you click it? It'll take you to her place. Of course, The Queen has all kinds of places to go once you get there. FYI, she's started a social network for Grandparents. You can find that here. She titled it Trunk of the Tree! Pretty cute, huh? As, in "The Family Tree." Grandparents are the trunk that starts the tree, right! Well, back to what I'm 'sposed to be doing - watchin' my Lil'Gal in gymnastics! And, then off to day one of soccer! :-)


The Queen said...

Thanks for the shout out baby...

Love ya long time!!

Jennybean said...

how cool is that... though I don't know if I can support green!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you're a winner!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

got the size fixed... got the code up for you!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! My inlaws have a family tree painted on their dining room wall. They hung framed 5x7" pictures of everyone in appropriate places on the tree: grandparents are the roots, MIL & FIL's wedding pic is on the trunk, 4 major branches each feature a child (baby pic, graduation pic, and wedding pic) and then smaller branches go out of each of those major branches for the grandchildren. I haven't seen it since they became great-grandparents, so I'm not sure how my grand-niece is being featured, but boy is she cute!