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Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Shoot! Coming soon, the music video!

I was just loading photos to my computer, after having eaten the fabulous salad I just made (and devoured), when I remembered that I have to meet Wonder-Mom at the school at 2:00 p.m. to plan the Easter party at school next month.
Yeah, that looks fab-tasty doesn't it?  It was.  I even heated up some left over meatloaf and crumbled it in amongst the lettuces, carrots, avacado, tomato, cheese, boiled eggs, and some cucumber.  MMmmm-mmmmmmmm.
So, it's time to go and I haven't gotten my photos here yet.   What if I'm five minutes late? That's irresponsible though and not fair to her.  [I was late.]
So, Farmer, Jr. lost that second upper top tooth!  He was thrilled!  So was I.  I've always cringed when I see my friends children's faces with gaping hole in their happy, little smiles.
Bad lighting in this picture but it was hard to get his smile open enough to see the gap.  Oh, wait.  This is the first lost tooth.  Hold on....
Heeeere's my double gapped smiling boy!
Little Gal later dawned her rock start gear, head mic and all.   Then, later she serenaded us with a music video!  Too cute!  I'll have to upload that later when I return.
Gosh, I love Friday's!  Mine begins when I get home with the youngins.  We might pop in for some ice cream at the local eatery there (remember?  The one with free Wi-Fi!?  Out, in the middle of, well, farm-ville!)
I've got a great set of sunrise and sunsets for ya' too!  So, stay tuned!!  ;-)
And, Sunday will be the first soccer game.  Though, I don't know why they start the younger one's so soon.  I'm not sure if Farmer, Jr. will have a clue about where he's going or why.  LOL! I'll have to make some time to work with him this weekend.
I know, either way?  He'll have a blast!
Happy FWFD!



Anonymous said...

Those smiles with missing front teeth? My SIL calls them pumpkin smiles! And truly, they are some of the BEST smiles you will cherish on down the road of parenthood.
Trust me.

PS: Your salad just made me REALLY hungry!!

Lis Garrett said...

Your salad = YUM!

Isn't amazing how much older kids look with missing teeth?!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

my goodness, your son looks like a hockey player!!!!

Farmer*swife said...

kc, I know. ;-)

Lis, sigh, no fair.

gary, lol! i know! But, his pride and mine only see how adorable he is.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I love the photos!
PS--I don't eat veggies-I am the worse example for my kids, ha.