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Friday, February 6, 2009


I love the quiet of the morning when I'm up 'early' and before the rest of the family.  I have my coffee and I whisp my way through the house with narry a sound or movement of air.
But, I only have about one or two minutes of this time left so I better get to this post.  Then, it's wake the family,  make lunches (No, I didn't do it last night.  yes.  I put it off....again), make breakfast, yada-yada and the day begins.
But, there is something EXTRA special about this day.  What is it about ten years that sets such a milestone?  Ten years.  You are thinking, "Ten years of WHAT FW?"
Ten years of marriage.  Me and the Hubster have been married for ten years today.  Together 14 all in total.
Do you wanna' know what my Sweet Hubster got me?  Well, later I hope to vlog and post some pretty pictures.  So, be sure to pop back by on your lunch break or sometime during the day.
Wanna' know what I got for the Hubster?  Squat.  I got NADA.  :-(  I know.  He's sooooo hard to buy for.  And, we are both so practical (well, typically.  We do splurge a little on occasion).
When you see what he got 'Me' you are going to scold me.  Again, my bad.  :-(
If you have any last minute ideas -- please comment to me.  I will be doing the "homemade" card with coupons for foot massages and back rubs.  Though, "I" typically end up turning them in for services myself. :-D  Yes, he loves me that way.
What a lucky Gal, huh?  You have no idea. 
Well, time to get to my "Rat killin'" as my Daddy says.  But, I will say that guess what I get to do today?  I get to curl up somewhere and read a book!  Yep!  I know...slacker me, huh?  No, I'm not.  Because I'll be working!  I'm an official WHAM now!  Gotta' go change up my bio on my blog!
This great book came in the mail yesterday and I'm Super Excited to read it -- and then I get to write a review on it for "MY Editor."   (I totally love saying that!)  :-)
And, she's going to pay me for it!  Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!  Totally.  



Lis Garrett said...

I hope you all get to do something FUN and EXCITING to mark the occasion!! Happy anniversary!

PS - My verification word is "bless." How appropriate!

g-man said...

Congrats on the milestone! (Our 10 will be next year, we are planning a trip to someplace warm).

How about an iPod or the like for him? (The iPod touch is really cool with wifi and all.)

What does he like to do in his spare time?

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all!

And, G-man, I'd love an iPod! Great idea! Oh, wait. It's supposed to be for him, huh. Hmmmm. I don't think he'd use it that much...but, then, maybe I could borrow it! :-D

Jay said...

Happy Anniversary!

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks Jay!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I bet he got you a new CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS to you!

C said...

haha I was going to say the same thing as Gary!

Does he like to grill out? You could get him something for his grill or an apron!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baseball Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!! 10 years is awesome!

Anonymous said...

FW, you already know what I would suggest getting your dh. Remember the birthday post?? ;)

Happy 10th! Sorry I'm running so late. It was a long weekend with everyone around.