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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dreaming Telechenesis

I woke this morning for church and I was sooooo sleepy and really didn't want to get out of bed. Mostly, because I was up past midnight as Tech Guy had time (while out of town and simultaneously working another job for a client -- I don't know how he does it...) to get my "Switch" hooked up so I could have internet via my Mac and he could sign in and help me load and update the stuff I need. So, we were up late (and you know if my mind is working and stimulated then it'll take me awhile to fall asleep after that). When I awoke this morning, I had a slight headache...but, it was from dreaming that dream again. Only this is the best one I've ever had. When I am in a sleep pattern where I am actually getting sleep night to night, I'll begin to dream again. The night before last it was about kittens. They were new borns and they were walking out to be pet by and played with by myself and the children. I was worried the Mama kitty might be a little aggressive as the babies were so tiny. But, once they crossed the small, short corridor they were fluffy and about five weeks old. Realizing that they had [quickly] grown to a less fragile state I felt releived and happy inside. I've been dreaming lots of stuff like that, and I look it up in my dream books and some things make sense and some things I think are just the rambling jumble of my mind filing and maybe reviewing the "files" of my life it has stored. I don't know...Maybe it's finally upgrading from paper records to CDs as it is running out of space after 36 years of storage; and, it has to scan in the oldie stuff first. See, I always picture our brains working like a computer network system and our body parts are it's peripherals. Anyhow, I was having the dream where I have telechenetic powers again. Only, this time? Once I realized how to focus and streamline my mental concentration it was much easier to move stuff around than before. Usually, I wake up with a deadening headache from concentrating so hard in my dream. This time, I could move stuff the hard way and slowly or I could just think about the item and where I wanted it to go and...I can't explain it but I would focus that scenario and then, in a mental burst of energy, item would fly (lacking some control) immediately to where I wanted it to go. It was easy at times. Of course, I always start with a pencil in these dreams. Then, I usually flip light switches and then often???? With much concentration? I can levitate in my dreams. It is very hard though and those times are when I wake with the worst headaches of all. But, this time I shared with people. Just a few close to me. PJ was in my dream with her husband and I demonstrated to her. Though, I think in our childhood I might have told her about these dreams and so maybe that is why she was there to witness it. Then, suddenly (you know how you move around and change scenes and venues in dreams and it all seems so normal), I was in my Gramm's house again. [A lot of my dreams somehow end up in my Gramm's house even if the house is different in some's always the same house.] So, my Dad is there and I think one or two of my Brothers. My Big Brother and Brother Junior I beleive. Junior wasn't really paying attention as he didn't realize the importance of this thing I could do. Big Brother was very supportive and intrigued. So, I was demonstrating to my Dad. Who at first thought and stated, "NO WAY...I don't believe me!" So, I did. I used a quarter. At first it was really hard and I almost couldn't focus my mental state because I momentarily doubted myself. But, I finally got the quarter to slide across the bar. It was moving slowly and I was having a hard time with it so I put my hand out to catch it as it slid to the end and off the bar. Only, it didn't land in my hand. It hovered about and inch above it spinning like a frisbee. And, so long as I didn't loose focus I could keep it there and guide it around with my hand -- up down, side to side, etc and the quarter would remain hovering about my hand and spinning. It was very quite cool. Dad was impressed. Then, the dream went into all different other sorts of stuff as they usually do. But, in the dream, wherever I was going I could move stuff around and it was getting easier and easier. I could summon a fork from across the room in a diner and someone might almost catch it and look as if in disbelief. It was kind of cool to see the expressions on their face. They new they saw it, but they knew it wasn't possible. So, they were completely...what's the word? I'll use dumbfounded, though that isn't the word I'm looking for. Pj kept telling me I needed to quit doing that in front of people or they might have me committed for study or something. At one point. I was passing this hoity-toity lady who was sitting by the staired isle and I was following PJ somewhere...And, I recognized this lady and she is always uppity, judgmental, and thinking better of herself than others. She was dressed all stylish as is usual for her [I wish I knew who this Lady was representing from my real life] and she wore a large pendant hanging from a shiny silver chain. I mentally hit the pendant. I made it jump up off her chest and drop back against it with a somewhat hard thud. Totally freaked her out! I was completely satisfied and humoring myself, so much so, that I even chuckled to myself as I passed her. She was confused, in disbelief, and I think...a little startled and scared. There were some other really neat things that were happening and that I was able to manipulate in my dream...but, as I had to rush to get dressed and get the Lil'Gal dressed (the boys tend to themselves)...I didn't have time to write it all down while fresh. I reviewed it in my mind on the way to church so I wouldn't lose too much of it. Though, I did lose a lot. The best part about it though, is that it came so much easier to me this time than usual. Like when you practice something and it becomes more second nature. And, as I felt more confident, the easier it became and was quite fun. I don't know what these dreams mean. I can find ESP and telepathy in my dream books and on the web. But, not so much about dreaming involving telechenesis. I think, maybe subconsciously? I really am a superhero of some sort -- only, I do all my super hero and super saving stuff while in an altered sleep state. Maybe I need a super suit with the logo "MOM" meaning "Mind Over Matter"...or, it could just as easily mean, "Mom Over Matter"...but, since the MOM does spell Mom then I guess that would be redundant. So, now I'm just not making any sense at all so I'll end with: Happy Sunday and Happy Dreamin'!


Anonymous said...

You have some wild dreams!
Flabbergasted? Flummoxed?

The last dream I remember? A nightmare where the cat was chasing 2 mice in my bedroom WHILE I was trying to sleep in the bed. I do so HATE mice. Like I said, it was a nightmare.

gary rith said...

"Bartender, I'll have what she is having"
Thanks for sharing all this!

Chatty said...

That's fascinating stuff! Do you know you are dreaming while you are dreaming? It's called lucid dreaming - and if you can KNOW you are dreaming, then you can manipulate the dream any way you want. I've always wanted to be able to do it, but I usually can't even remember my dreams - much less direct them while they're in progress! But it sounds like you dream vividly and have the self-control to write it all down whenever possible. They say that's very important. It helps you remember more and more. As you say, practice helps!
Very cool, the whole telekinesis thing!

Kell said...

My dreams are so vivid and usually frustrating and scary, but sometimes good. And I can wake myself up if I don't like where the dream is going then go back to sleep and dream a different coarse of action--not all the time but sometimes. Kind of freaky.

BTW, Sorry it took me so long to get over here! I'm notoriously sporadic in my blogging activities. Thank you for stopping by mine and commenting.