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Friday, August 15, 2008

It's 3:am; Let's get this party started!

Howdy! Guess who blogs at 3:00 a.m.? I'll give you three guesses. Someone who works the night shift? A crazy, lonely person? Farmer*swife? Winner!!! It's me! Now, "Why" you ask, "is Farmer*swife blogging at 3:a.m. (2:55, but close enough)?" Well, several reasons. But, Basically? I was going to blog a HOWDY and LATER mid afternoon, but the computer kinda' locked up and I had to reboot it. Right about the time DH brought home tacos as we were full swing in packing. Packing? You ask? Yes, for our annual river trip. Every year (at the end of harvest, typically, though not this year as the kids now start school in September) we head out to hang out and "Float the Frio!" It's a big Texas pass-time. (Is it past time? Or, pass time? Either way, it's fun). So, the evening passed quickly and I was in the tub, 9ish? talking with Ms. Bex (that's Tech Guy's wife) about the trip and all. Then, it was time to tuck in the kiddos and Farmer Junior wanted me to lie there a minute with him while he settled his happy and anxious thoughts into sleep. So, I did, with warning that I'd only be there a minute or two because....I fell asleep. I felt it coming and I thought, NO, too much left to do as DH wants to leave at 8:30 a.m. so we can make it to Hondo and some "cool place to eat lunch." Then, in a blink of a closed eye, my mind says, "It's Okay...just relax. Afterall, tomorrow's vacation time." Hence? I wake up somewhat sleepy although somewhat an insomniac. So, here is my excited and exhausted shout out..."Hey Y'all! I'll be gone for about four days! But you know I'll have lots [by that I mean tons] of pictures when I return." AND? I'm takin' Mac with me. And, seein' as Tech Guy is coming directly from an on site job? He'll have all his gadgets and if we can get service I'll even blog from our river trip. I might even vlog!!! Oh, but Bex already warned that Tech Guy isn't allowed to use all his gadgets...cuz' he too (and she and the kids) is on vacation. But, I'm guessing I can knock my lights out. Anyhooo. If I didn't make complete sense? Or if I didn't spell check? Just remember that it is, afterall, 3:00 in the morning. I will now go see if the snore factor is in effect or if I need to pop into Lil'Gal's bed because I do know -- I need more sleep. And, the coffee pot goes off at 7:00 a.m. when we jump into high gear. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


gary rith said...

Listen, this is crazy---while you were up and blogging, I had a dream where me and the missus visited you all....blogged it of course...
you must have been strongly broadcasting brain waves or something, right?

Farmer*swife said...

gary You know I have ESP and telechenetic powers! Yeah, that is kinda' cool though! LOL!

Seriously though? You'd think me strange but I do often have stuff like that happen.

Okay, gotta run and finish dressing and packing. I slipped in here while DH went to load ice chests!

Happy Friday to you and your Fab Misses!

gary rith said...

Loading the ice chests with Shiner Bock, yeah baby.....

Knight said...

That is funny, Jay was blogging at 3am too.
I always thought it was past time as in something that has been done and celebrated for years and years. I supposed pass time would make sense but it makes me think of something we would do to keep from getting bored.

Have a great trip!

Jay said...

Yup .. 3 AM blogging rocks.

Let's see which category I fit in ...

"A crazy, lonely person?"

That's pretty close. ;-)

Have a great time on the Frio!

And remember that Hondo Texas is God's country so don't drive through it like Hell! hahaah .. I love that sign.

tt said...

yay for all ya'll!! Have a great Vacation girl! I'll be anxiously waiting for tha vlog!!
and what's Shiner Bock anyway??

Anonymous said...

Happy Vacationing! Down a Shiner for me. ;)
"I remember that ol' Frio River, where I learned to swim..."

Anonymous said...

have a great timeeeeeeeeeeee!! i blog a silly hours also!

mine is just crazy insomniac...

have a great trip!

Tink said...

Wait! Take meeeeeeee toooooooo.

Crap, she's gone.

Oh well. I hope you have fun. :)