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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ready! Set!! VLOGGIE! From Farmer*swife

Okie dokie y'all.  I've decided to cross that line.  Macxine has a built in web cam and so, having a good hair day and all?  I decided to grace y'all with the vision that is me.  I'm not saying it's a fab vision or a drab's just a vision that tis' I.
FYI, in the vlog I said that the shirt we saw at the river said "iPhoto" but what I meant was "iFrio," which you will realize when you see the shirt.  Get it?  We all "frio'd"  and TG (Tech Guy) is all about iThis and iThat!  Which, by the way, I am learning all too quickly is iALL COOL!
Well, enough playing around...I got floors to Bissell, mirrors to clean, toilets to scrub, shower glass needs me to fight the water spots, and pounds of laundry -- all clean, and needing folding.
But, hey?  Everyone needs a little break here and there, right?   Oh, and FYI?  I said I'm having a great hair day [can you believe that makes me all giddy and squeeeeeee!  Seriously?  Poor me. LOL], anyhow -- I should have said "I'm having a good hair morning."  Because once I walk outside into the South Texas heat and humidity?  I'll be having a hair soup day.
Happy Tuesday!!!!
[Editors Note:  Apparently, Blogger didn't like my vlog.  So, I saved it as a movie under Q-time or whatever it is that Blogger says it will accept.  Still?  It had an error.  I tried it this way, and that way, and finally?  I said "SCREW IT you BLEEPIN' BLOGGER" and set up a YouTube account.  And, all just so I wouldn't let you down, my sweet bloggies and friends and readers.]



Anonymous said...

What happened? It says it's no longer available. :(

Knight said...

Oh no. I was all excited and now it won't play. Chicken Biscuits!

Farmer*swife said...

I bet it's in my You-Tube settings! Let me change them real quick and y'all can try again!

Knight said...

I just tried using the link and it says it is set to private. Last time I tried it just gave an error. You would expect YouTube to be an easy but I had a lot of trouble with my first post as well.

Farmer*swife said...

BLEEEEP! Can't a Gal just have a little fun! I messed around in YouTube and re-saved some settings and I signed out of blogger and loaded the page from the web like anyone else would see it -- and it lets me play it!

I don't get it. Anyone got any additional suggestions?

Knight said...

Your youtube settings allow you to embed your video right?

Knight said...

and it says "share your video with the world"?

Anonymous said...

I was set to see my Beautiful Angel Gal!! But I know I will!! I want to hear that Texas twang!!!


Jay said...

It's still not there. :-(

Give us the link to your YouTube page so we can see it there!!

Anonymous said...

Hair soup! *tee hee*

I'll come back and watch at a more reasonable hour...because it is LATE here!!