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Friday, August 29, 2008

Piss and Moan Day!!! YAY!

Yeah, so "Farmer*swife Report" here! Today, is P-I-S-S and Moan day f/k/a Beer and B!tchin'! Today started out cool for about the first 35 minutes and then quickly downsized to crappy-ville. 
Apparently, Famer's Wife didn't take her happy pill last night or suuuuumthin' cuz, I woke up all gripy and the "B" word.
So, watch the report!  And, don't forget to comment about what ya' wanna' see next!  It's up for a vote!!
[Editor's Note:  The quality of this vlog crapped out -- just like the rest of my day -- when I embeded it from You-Tube.  So, go there, if you want to see 'ME' more clearly!]
So, my day got even better after this!  Picked up the kids and took them and Lil'Gal's sweet little BFF Gal Pal for ice cream (Gal Pal was coming home with us for a play date!).  Lil'Gal takes off her tinkerbell shoes to show me that she has an infected, ingrown toe nail.
Yeah, on a three day weekend at 4:bleepin' o'clock in the afternoon -- and we have an extra Lil'body with us so I can't go speedin' into the "big city" lookin' for a pediatrician or surgeon!
On top of this the Urologist's office calls back and her urine culture taken Wednesday came back positive [surprise-surprise] and they need to call in her prescription.  Only, the nurse forgot to weigh her at that particular visit, so I now have to find a scale to weigh her on -- so that they can have her exact weight [no guestimate?  Come on, guys?] to call in the medication.
Then, Farmer, Jr. gets all uptightie-whitie because he wants to play with his Farmer Cousin or go with Daddy cuz' they are both way more fun than me or the Gals playing dress-up.
And, to boot?  Lil'Gal has been a real big "B" to her sweet little BFF Gal Pal.  I told Lil'Gal that after today?  Gal Pal might not want to be her BFF anymore, with that bossy, selfish attitude., as soon as Gal Pal's Mama comes and gets her?  I'm going to sit back with a Shiner, baby.  Or, I might go ahead and make that Vodka Tonic I was talking about.
Don't forget to vote!
1)  What's cookin' in Farmer Wife's kitchin'?
2) How Farmer's Wife makes a Vodka Tonic?
Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend!



tt said...

Well crapola!
I just posted a big ol whine post over on my blog cuz blogger wouldn't let me comment here. Then what happens??? I come back and try it again and look's letting me. so cracked me up! Seriously!!!
and I was trying to grab that bottle of shiner when you pulled it back....girl!!!

More please!!!!!!!!
I'm addicted already. this can't be good for my tiling project can it? lol

gary rith said...

You are a BRILLIANT vlogger. Absolutely brilliant. And a 2 fisted drinker too?
Strangely, I woke up Mister Grumpypants Friday too--no reason, but at 5 pm when the wife got home? Chose the BIGGEST shot glass in the cupboard and topped it up.
Have a good weekend FW and watch out for those hurricanes!

Jeff B said...

Apparently, idiot day was a national event because every single person on the road (except for me of course) seemed to have their head firmly wedged up their backside yesterday! I actually say a guy take an exit off the freeway from the fast lane. That was a three lane merge right in front of several other cars WTF?!!

Great Vlog.

Anonymous said...

Commented over on YT but I'm commenting here, too b/c I just adore you!

Great vlog. Great blog. I love to meet other happy housewives. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to watch this one when no one is around (my oldest is waiting his turn on the computer). Sorry you had such a crummy day!!

Vodka Tonic? Haven't had one in MANY years. A great one to not get carded for BTW.
It's too late for me to vote, but I WOULD have voted for kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Now that is one crap-o day, but loved seeing your Vlog. I'll vote on kitchen, 'cause I know how to make a gin and tonic, so I think it's close. :-)

Here's to a good Monday for you ... I got a roast chicken all prepped in the fridge, just need to do the roast part. :-)

Harry (

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