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Monday, August 4, 2008

ROAD TRIP: Photo Gallery!

FINALLY! I know, right? Anyhow, finally I got the pics uploaded......took, "like" for-evvvvv-er cuz' there are so many. Sure it might have been so much quicker on my Mac, but I'm still working on the internet thing. Today I'm off to get a switch thingie majiger that Tech Buddy a/k/a Tech Guy told me will fix my issue. [Said issue being? House is wired but the ports aren't "hot" so no gottie no internet, yet! LOL.] Anyhow, buckle your seatbelt and bring along some snacks, cuz' HERE WE GOOOOO! Daddy and Lil' Gal.....and Farmer Junior being silly ;-) We had dinner at the Salt Grass Steak House in San Antonio. Yuuuu-UUU-MEEEE! Below: A morning swim! This is the pool at the hotel where we stayed. We went to four hotels and they were all booked up! So, we were lucky to find this place and it was quite nice! That's DH and Farmer Junior in the pool down there. The pool was "inside" the hotel and all the rooms were balconied around it. So, we went for a walk as it wasn't raining and lookie who we came across! He was watching this little guy below doing some shopping! Yeah, so we visited the Bass Pro Shop! Always so cool and of course, being a road trip, I had my camera in my hand almost everywhere! Hey, it's like visiting a wild life "preserve" only it's free! [HAAA-haaa, had to laugh at myself for that one....get it? Preserve? all the animals are mounted! ] Christmas, in July! I left a lot of these pictures a larger size so feel free to click for a larger view. This "Christmas Tree" is made entirely out of deer antlers. And, I am sure they light this baby up beautifully at Christmas time. [Also, look at the windows behind the tree. They are framed in deer sheds.] Yeah, so this guy here? Was mad at this guy here...cuz' he is apparently eating the other guy's zebra..... I must say, as a prior to having children, when I actually had time to do whatever I pleased at almost any random moment huntress, I would love to have this guy hanging in my great room. Farmer Junior tried to get me one. But, alas, it was just play. Lasers, not real bullets. And, you didn't get to keep the game [as in animal]. Ahhh, and road signs. I took a lot of snaps of road signs. Not sure why? That was just my "Eclectic For-tay" on this trip. Hey look? A hatchery!! Oooh, what fun for kids, huh? Squeeeeeeee!!!! They even have Shiner Bock! "Hey kids, let's eat at the hatchery!" Probably serving egg sandwhiches or....chicken. "But, I wanted lemonade....." Farmer Junior is pleased that they have "grilled cheese." All, is right in his world. They even have Black Lauger? All is right in "my" world too. :-) Apparently, the "hatchery" hasn't been in service since the early 1970s. [Being previously from the legal field...I'm viewing this as false advertising. And, I do have a real complaint! Two small children were looking forward to seeing baby chicks hatch. And, we have to listen to them whine about it for the next 25 minutes or longer in the truck.] Luckily, they directed us here... That's about as close to chickens as we got this trip. Unless we were eating one. LOL! Local law enforcement.... [How many pictures is that now? I hope "blogger" let's me post them all together or else the story won't unfold in the right order. ] What's next.....oh, some scenery and sites! Below is lots of traffic (click on the pic and view the oncoming traffic! Sheeze, glad I don't live here.) Oh, and notice the road sign? Is the hospital at the park or is the park the hospital? There's my handsome DH navigating his crew cab, 4x4, long bed Ford through "the traffic." If it appears that his jaw is somewhat clenched? It's because it is. He hates traffic. Oooh, lookie? Here's some more! No worries for me! I'll just keep clickin' away.... Now, don't get your feathers ruffled my Democrat Bloggies. Y'all know I'm from Texas and I'm a Republican -- and, I loved Ronald Reagan. So, it was only fair and fitting that I should take this picture and share it. [At this point, after this click, DH questioned if I was a "Japanese Tourist." You know the old cliche.] Anyhow, here we were on our way to my Life Long Friend's house, Kitty a/k/a Pickle Juice a/k/a PJ for short. She has a windmill upon approaching her subdivision. I like windmills.... So, we went to dinner at this great restaurant in S.A. called "La Hacienda" de los Barrios (I believe, that is correct). Great Mexican Food, a play ground (yes, we supervised), beer, margaritas -- yummy! Play grounds are nice after being cooped up in the truck in traffic..... Here's PJ's oldest, "GinYa" as Lil'Gal calls her. She's four and the 'Gals' got along "fabulously!" [Oops, I didn't ask PJ if she'd mind if I used these pics. If she does, I'll remove them.] The kids did some wall climbing and just kind of hung around a bit...... So, after listening to great live music and consuming all our fair shares of mexican food, cervesa, and margaritas...we went back to PJ and her Hubby's place to let the kids play some more and to pour on some Vodka. Hey, when the party is going? And, the four us us (eight in total) don't get together nearly as often as we should. So toward the end of the bathed and tucking in....Farmer Junior was working on a project. He was building a trail and it snaked around half the house....look closely. Do you know what he built his trail out of? Well, I'll have to leave you all wondering as Blogger won't upload more pics. So, hang in there for the rest of the trip, "Part II" will be posted shortly. In the meantime? Whomever (PJ, you can't participate cuz' you already know) guesses the particular item Farmer Junior built his trail with, will win some type of prize. Not sure yet what...but it will come to me! Happy Monday and Happy Blogging!


Jay said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun time.

Krishna said...

LMAO at DH. Yeah, richard had similar expressions pulling a 39' rv with a long bed extra cab dodge through SA traffic and through a parking lot. LMAO!

gary rith said...

oh, that is fantastic, thanks for these pics!

Knight said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking all the pics so we could share in the fun and live vicariously.

tt said...

fabulous !!
but no pics of the ever fabulous 'Farmers wife'???? what's with that?????
Hope the storms aren't in your backyard again :(