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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay Bloggies.  Apparently, in order to change my "broadcast" and video availability?  I had to upload the video again as the settings apply each time upload.  [Why this has to be such a pain in the @$$ I don't know.  Isn't the whole idea to be simple and fun! Now my laundry isn't folded and DH will be home shortly -- BLEEEP!]
So, now that I've repeated ample unnecessary steps? I hope y'all find it worth your time to view it! LOL!!! [Blogger says it's not yet processed! What, they send it out to the photomart? Seriously! When it's 'processed' I'll embed the d@mn thing] MEANWHILE and FYI: Here's my You-Tube link.    You won't find much there other than be able to view my "Vloggies" when they won't "embed" them [stupid] selves...and/or until, I get my QuickTime working with Macxine so I can do it the easy way! Oh, and notice it's "wifeofafarmer"? Can you freakin' believe "Farmer*swife" was taken? I dunno," have I gone there before? NEE-nee-NEE-nee-NEE-nee-NEE-nee.... Happy [Bleepin' Vloggin'] Tuesday!!!!
[EDITORS NOTE: Okay, so You-Tube finally will play it and not say it "IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE."  But, seein' as it times out and some of what I say doesn't make sense that way?  You might want to let it play...and then, "REPLAY" so you can watch it without all the gliches.]
Not sure if this is a standard anyways for bloggies -- remember, I am "always" learning.



Jay said...

The video works on your YouTube page. And it's great!!

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks jay! And, to think! I'm a day behind folding laundry because each time I popped by the LT I realized the "vlog" wasn't working and I "was forced to try and fix it!"